“Food Thief” Creates Milkshake Slip-N-Slide At Chick-Fil-A In New Viral Tirade

The recently arrested social media thief, primarily known as Boonk.IG on Instagram, was apparently let out of jail, and immediately celebrated his 1 million Instagram follower milestone the only way he knows how — with an impromptu milkshake slip-n-slide inside Chick-Fil-A.

 *The video below contains graphic language*

Thanks For The 1Milly Everyone !! Had Me A Strawberry Milkshake Celebration 😂🍓💦 #boonkgang

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Boonk, who’s real name is John Robert Hill, is the 20-year-old infamously known as the Dunkin Donuts thief, a crime which he was arrested for earlier this week. It seems Hill isn’t worried about his legal problems. His attorney claimed the Dunkin stunt was a, “do it for the vine,” prank that was, “not that funny,” and, “not that smart.”

Still, it’s hard to say if his antics are just for attention — or if he’s actually a crazy person. No one inside the Chick-Fil-A seemed to share his excitement.

The self-proclaimed social media stuntman claims his social media escapades are genuine, and told NBC South Florida that he’s doing it for, “reactions.”

One thing is for sure, if he really is stealing all the things he claims to be running off with on Instagram, there’s insurmountable video evidence to hold against him in the court of law.

Enjoy your milkshakes while you can, dude.

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Viral Instagram Food Thief Finally Gets Arrested For Stealing Dunkin’ Donuts

After countless instances in which people’s lives were possibly endangered and plenty of food was stolen, one of Instagram’s most infamous thieves was finally charged and arrested for a crime.

South Florida criminal stuntman John Robert Hill, who goes by @Boonk Instagram, was placed under arrest and charged with burglary after walking out of a Dunkin’ Donuts with a $40 tray of donuts. The illegal act was captured in the above video, where Boonk hurdles the Dunkin’ Donuts counter, picks up a tray, and casually walks out, all the while yelling:

“I’m the fucking savage!”

Well, this savage got what was coming to him, as he was sentenced to 60 days of probation and banned from the Dunkin’ Donuts he took the tray from. Hill did return the tray after the video was recorded.

Boonk is notorious for recording and sharing his criminal escapades, which include running out of a tattoo shop without paying for his new ink, boosting fried chicken from a Popeye’s, and taking an entire cookie dispenser out of a Subway. He’s not shy of putting people in danger either, as shown when he apparently carjacked an Uber driver at gunpoint in another video.

Hopefully, Hill has learned his lesson after just getting off with probation for his Dunkin’ Donuts thievery.