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Watch These Food Delivery Guys Freak Out Over Topless Girls At The Door

Delivery drivers never know what’s going to happen when the customer opens that door. For all they know, there can be a smiling face, or an angry, shit-faced asshole with a knife on the other side.

While this prank on “Break” was a bit shocking for the delivery drivers, it wasn’t harmful. Well, unless they got traumatized by the site of a female’s body au naturel.

As multiple food delivery guys arrived at this house — which apparently happens to be occupied by three bombshell women who walk around in lingerie — they were greeted by bare breasts every time.

Whenever one of the girls opened the door, at some point in the interaction, they dropped their tops and showed off their assets, while the deliver drivers just watched in awe.

If only all deliveries were this cheerful, and not filled with fear for one’s life.


How To Turn A Bottle Into A Drinking Glass [WATCH]


After seeing this video, I may never throw away a used beer bottle without considering turning it into a cute drinking glass ever again. Yes, I know there are boobs in the video. Before I get emails about how much I’m perpetuating the male gaze by posting this video, let’s take a moment and reflect on the real genius at hand here….repurposing a bottle into a drinking glass with simple cavemen tools y’all!

All you need is a string, a lighter, an ice bath, and a glass bottle you want to turn into a drinking glass and MAGIC, you have a sweet new drinking glass from a bottle you probably were gonna improperly dispose of:


BEWBS: Japanese Cookies Said to Increase Breast Size

F-Cup Cookies

For anyone and everyone looking to boost their busts to the size of their dreams, there’s now a snack that’s supposedly makes it happen. A cookie brand sold in Japan is saying that they have an alternative to breast augmentation surgery. The F-Cup cookie is marketed as having herbal extracts that naturally increases cup sizes over time.

The cookies are made with an extract of Pueraria Mirifica, a plant that can be found in the northern regions of Thailand and contain a form of estrogen called Miroestrol. The cookies are available in two flavors: Soy Milk and Pralines & Chocolate. The site suggests that one or two should be eaten daily, along with lots of water because the cookie will absorb it and fill you up. Women with pre-existing medical problems relating to ovaries and breasts should stay away from the product altogether, the site advises.

While estrogen has been proven to affect breast size, there’s still no proof that the Miroestrol extract from the plant has any effect on the size of breasts, Fox News reports. Those curious enough to try, however, can find the cookies at the F-Cup store.

As for me? My boobs don’t need to get any bigger.

H/T Fox News Picthx F-Cup Cookies


Eat Locally, Strip Globally: Canadian Strip Club Offers Quality, Locally-Sourced Menu


Apparently, there’s only one thing that Vancouver residents love more than watching strippers work it on onstage — and that’s munching on a selection of locally-sourced Vancouver cuisine while enjoying the show. Vancouver gentleman’s club No. 5 Orange discovered the surprising overlap between local food fans and strip club aficionados when they gave their normal food selections a locally-sourced revamp earlier this year. The environmentally friendly overhaul paid off big time, and  according to CTV News, No. 5 Orange’s food-generated revenue has “more than doubled” since the changes.

Of course, credit has to be paid to the local master chef that No. 5 Orange hired to oversee the switch. Chef Stuart Irving, a longtime fan of the gentleman’s club he describes as “Cheers, but with boobs,” took painstaking care to make the menu reflect the quality service and beautiful presentation that No. 5 Orange serves on and off the pole. The new menu features a series of gourmet selections including “Satay Kabobs of either free-range chicken, double-smoked pork belly, or wild sea prawn,” which will make it pretty hard to tell if customers are drooling over the food . . . or the performers. We’re going to take a wild guess and assume that it’ll be a combination of both, and we’re hoping that strip clubs worldwide follow No. 5 Orange’s example. Eat locally, strip globally? Sounds like a plan to us.

H/T Eater + PicThx Dealbreaker


Boobie Cupcakes for Wholesome, Innocent Thoughts [NSFW-ish]


32A, 36B, 34C, 30D. Boobs come in all shapes and sizes. But if there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that we enjoy them. And these Boob Cupcakes are no expectation. Is it nippy in here, or is it just me?


This Valentine’s Day, Mold Your Boobs into a Cookie Bra

It’s a little disheartening, seeing how quickly stores can just drop all their Christmas fare for the next big commercial holiday. But hey, I’m an impressionable consumer! And Walgreens does say Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I should get going on the prep work. Luckily, I know the perfect place to start.

I mean, lucky for other people. Because I’m much too refined to try something as crude and un-ladylike as this.

(For those of you who are A-Okay with being crude and un-ladylike, however. . .)

It’s a bra, made out of cookies, molded perfectly to the shape of your own boobies. I mean boobkies. Hehe, boobkies.

Designed by instructables user Mimikry, the process behind this beauty is fairly simple, involving plaster strips, tin foil and instant cappuccino. When you’re done, feel free to wear it on your next big date with your favorite pair of lace panties. Or just under your PJs as you watch The Vow for the third time, sigh.

Check out the full recipe and photos, here.

H/T Nerdalicious

Food Trucks

This Boob-Themed Milk Truck Delivers Nourishment

Food trucks are no recent phenomenon, but food trucks for babies are certainly something new.

And no, we aren’t talking about a trendy new gluten-free, veganlicious restaurant-on-wheels for toddlers… we’re talking about food straight from the bosom. Yep, old-fashioned style. Just like Mama used to make.