Feed Your Rappetite — A Hip-Hop Themed Restaurant

Perhaps one of the coolest concept restaurants ever, Bon-Rappetite shows off its creative, hip-hop inspired dishes.

Created by Baby Robot Industries, the concept web page shows 22 dishes named after popular hip-hop artists using clever wordplay. Just an example, its current specials on ‘Pone Thugs & Hominy’ and ‘Wu Tang Clams’ only add to the debate of greatest hip-hop group of all time.

It doesn’t stop with its dishes though, as events include Freestyle Mondays and Hot Tub Nights.

After creating a stir with its Atlanta-based website, Everett Steele of Baby Robot Industries was almost forced to come out and clarify that it was a fun joke.

“A few of us from Baby Robot built the site on a lark after leaving a (beer soaked) meeting with a bar napkin full of rap puns. It sat dormant for almost a year, then all of the sudden it is all over the place,” Steele told Grubstreet through email.

Someone better jump on this idea, quickly! Kanye West might own a few Fatburgers, but owning Bon-Rappetite might help him finally understand the Kobe System.

All I know is that if Bon-Rappetite were real and I needed some Super Bowl party catering, I’d jump on the ‘Bizzy Boneless Wings’ and ‘Queen LaPizza.’

Check out the site for yourself and enjoy a good laugh at Lil Kimchi and Roastface Killah‘s expense.