Is Bon Jovi Hitting the Sauce?

Pasta sauce that is. Yes it’s true, the father of  the famous Jersey rocker has started his own line of pasta sauces, called Bongiovi Brand (Did you know that was Jon’s real last name?). What might seem a bit gimmicky at first, does have a history behind it, according to the brand’s website:

PASSED DOWN THREE GENERATIONS, the Bongiovi family recipe originated in the town of Sciacca, Sicily in the late 1800s. When Great Grandma Bongiovi would prepare the sauce, she made enough to feed the neighborhood. This tradition was passed to her son, which was then passed to his son and then passed again to his three sons in America.

Bongiovi Brand is only offering 3 different flavors at this time- Marinara, your old-school classic of tomatoes, onions, garlic, and Italian herbs. Garden style, which combines all your traditional flavors, with mushrooms and green peppers. The Arrabiata offering has a little kick if you’re feeling spicy.

At this time, it appears you can get your supply through their website, however jars are not sold individually but in packs of 3 or cases of 12. Or if you’re local to New Jersey, they seem to be offering it in select markets in the area.

Has anyone actually purchased and tried this product? If so, do you think Bongiovi gives sauce… a bad name?

Buy: Bonjiovi Brands $24-$96