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Find Out Why People Are Baking Cherry Pies For Katy Perry On Twitter

From wearing a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dress to having whipped cream shoot out of her nipples, Katy Perry knows how to use food to bring attention to her music.

Now she’s at it again, asking fans on Twitter to bake cherry pies for her, using a recipe she put up.

The submissions quickly poured in, as Perry promised something special to whoever made the best looking pie. Perry even took the time to judge some of the tweeted submissions and giving feedback.

You might be wondering why the hell she wants people to bake pies, but it probably all comes down to fantastic marketing.

KP’s upcoming album will have a song called “Bon Appetit,” and fans think they’ve cracked a secret code within the recipe that Perry provided.

Within the paragraphs in the baking instructions, there’s subtle commentary added by Perry, saying things such as, “Please just take your time,” along with, “This pie is gonna hit that sweet tooth, boy,” and “Calm those hungry eyes.”

Katy Perry superfans believe those are actually part of the lyrics for her next single, possibly even the hook.

Katy’s inner-foodie just came out again, and her fans are eating it all up. Now we just have to wait and see if the secret recipe actually was a clue to her next song.

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Watch Cookie Monster Devour 100 Years Of Cookies

Cookies have changed and evolved quite a bit over the last 100 years, and it’s interesting to have a visual of when our favorite cookies came to be. It’s even better when that visual comes with the maniacal Cookie Monster chowing down on all these cookies.

Bon Appetit teamed up with the Sesame Street legend, as he and a couple of cute kids took a trip down a timeline to see what cookies have looked like as far back as the 1910s.

From the chocolate coated marshmallow Mallomars, which debuted in the 1910s, to the popular cookie cakes which became a staple in the 2010s, the cookie-loving monster gives us a bit of a history lesson that we’re definitely not sleeping on.

I know you’re wondering, so i’ll just lay it out — chocolate chip cookies were invented in the 1930s and the Cookie Monster definitely went crazy on them.

There’s even acknowledgment of the fortune cookie which apparently came to be in the 1970s. Who knew?

Not only do we get to learn a bit about were our favorite treats, but anytime we can get a little childhood nostalgia, we’ll take it.

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Tracy Morgan’s Obsession With School Lunch Can Get A Little Raunchy

A post shared by Tracy Morgan (@realtracymorgan) on

School lunches weren’t always the tastiest options growing up. Highly processed meats with unpleasant-looking lumps of starch or vegetables left them with a lot to be desired. They weren’t something that I enjoyed or wanted to eat more of after getting out of high school.

Actor Tracy Morgan, however, must’ve grown up in a school with great lunches. In an interview with Bon Appetit to promote his now-released movie “Fist Fight,” the actor revealed his true love for school lunch food.

Morgan did admit that there were days that he didn’t enjoy them as much, such as when the school served noodles without cheese. However, he was all about the fish patties, burgers, chocolate milk, and tater tots that we would usually associate with school lunches.

In fact, he’s never actually stopped eating school lunches on a weekly basis, and his love of school lunches appears to have gone to the next level since his school days.

“Listen, I’m a married man. I’m 48 years old. And there’s a day every week where my wife fixes school lunch for dinner. That consists of tater tots, fish fillet with cheese, chocolate milks. When we have school lunch days, me and my wife, we role play. […] She puts on the school lunch lady outfit, the hairnet and everything, and then we role play. I’m the student. I love school lunch so much. Monday, every week, my wife fixes school lunch for dinner. “

Alright then, Tracy Morgan. If you’re obsessed enough with school lunches that your wife will cook them for you once a week and have some fun in the process, then go for it. No judging here.

Apparently, the two of them have been going through this weekly routine for about ten years now, so it’s clear that Tracy Morgan has a deep love for school lunches. Probably near the level that he loves his wife, based on the interview.

It’s a great trade-off for the couple: he gets the food he loves, she gets some love from him.

Hey, food is one of the things that brings people closer together. In this case, it literally does.

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Watch Gordon Ramsay Hilariously Fail At Coaching An Amateur Cook

If you’re an amateur cook, attempting recipes can be hard when you’re not entirely sure what to do. That’s why it’s great to have a recipe or instructional video to go at your own pace, learn the basics, and gain confidence in your cooking.

So if you’re learning a recipe on the fly from Gordon Ramsay while trying to keep up with him in the kitchen… it may not be the best thing for your confidence.

Bon Appetit, however, thought it would be a fun idea to give it a go. They brought in Shane, an amateur cook, to learn a crab cake recipe from Gordon Ramsay. The catch? Gordon would be making it while turned away from him, so Shane would have to learn verbally. He also only had 15 minutes to make the dish.

Shane got off to a slow start, struggling with breaking down the crab and extracting the meat (thank God he had some extra, pre-shelled crab off to the side). After that, Chef Ramsay then instructed him to cut up some bell peppers. That’s where everything went downhill.

“The secret of these peppers is to make sure it’s small dicing.” – Gordon Ramsay


Yea, Shane didn’t really get the idea of small dice on that one.

While trying to keep up with Chef Ramsay, Shane kept going through even more shortcuts that ended up costing him. The worst of those being that he didn’t mix the crab cakes thoroughly, so they didn’t set or form cakes in the pan, leaving him with a mess.

In the end, Gordon Ramsay served up a beautiful crab cake, while Shane served up a… crab salad?


Hey, at least Chef Ramsay liked the taste, Shane. Better luck next time.

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Bon Appetit’s Controversial ‘Pho Is New Ramen’ Video Removed After Massive Backlash


A video launched on Bon Appetit that left the Asian community livid. Tyler Akin, owner of Stocked. in Philadelphia, was featured in Bon Appetite Magazine’s latest food video. The nearly two-minute video was an interview with Akin explaining the “proper” technique to eat the popular Vietnamese noodle dish pho, which he believes is on a trendy rise.

After a little more than 24 hours on the website Bon Appetit removed the video altogether, both from their Facebook and YouTube channels.

While we’re scrambling to find some footage for you guys, here’s the deets:

The chef claims that adding hoisin sauce or Sriracha, two staples iconic to the dish, would ruin the broth and that he doesn’t mess around with it. Patrons are supposed to try spoonfuls of the broth first before thinking of reaching for the black and red bottles. Ironically, the chef soon adds that he’ll drown that broth in as much lime juice as he can get his hands on.

Still, as someone who grew up eating Pho for nearly three decades, there’s really no wrong way to eat it. The beauty of the dish is that it’s just broth and noodles, with toppings and condiments served on the side. This lets the you create a dish that’s best for you and your taste buds.

Akin also calls pho the new ramen pretty early into the video. Never mind that the dishes are completely different and from two separate cultures. We can’t help but think of this scene from the King of the Hill:

We’re sure Bon Appetit’s intentions were well, but the Facebook video drew some heated comments from Asian followers regarding the cultural insensitivity of the content. Some of them were just savage, with Facebook users threatening to come into Akin’s restaurant and dousing his establishment with hoisin and sriracha.

With more than one million views, the video went viral, forcing Bon Appetit to go back and clarify the meaning of their article, before just removing it altogether hours later.

This led to backlash on the magazine’s Facebook timeline:

Sorry guys, you know as well as anyone the Internet is unforgiving. Especially when it comes to food.

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These Are The 4 Best Dishes Action Bronson Ate On His VICELAND TV Debut

Thank God for good grub and Action Bronson. The ‘Renaissance Man’ has officially returned,  working his palette in addition to spitting the usual fire, in VICELAND’s F*CK THAT’S DELICIOUS.

In the premier episode, we join Bronson and his crew—The Alchemist (DJ/Producer), Big Body Bes (Entertainer), Meyhem Lauren (Rapper)—as they eat and rap their way through a few of the stops part of his Mr. Wonderful tour: Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Miami.

102_FTD_Atlanta (1)

Action Bronson. Crew. Bomb food. Wackiness ensues. Check out the f*cking delicious things these boys got their hands on:

1. Lychee and Pork Salad: Roses Luxury, Washington D.C.

action bronson roses

General Manager Andrew Limberg and Chef/Owner Aaron Silverman of Roses Luxury presented the table with a signature tasting menu, wanting to ‘highlight the good stuff.’ The good stuff included smoked trout, catfish, brisket, chicken fried oysters with raw oyster tzatziki dill, and scrambled eggs over a soft broiler mixed with uni, topped with an uni hollandaise. Though, it was the lychee pork salad that might’ve won over Bronson’s heart: ground garlic, red onion, marscapone, lychee, and smoky pork. Everyone agreed that Roses did a good job at combining and experimenting with flavors; makes sense, since they happen to be America’s Best New Restaurant according to Bon Appetit and GQ!

2. Barbecued Chicken: Wyatt’s Country Barbecue, East Atlanta

action bronson jamaican

The gang soon enough found themselves heading south for the tour. Stopping in Atlanta, they met up with Frko Rico, an illustrator who created original artwork for Mr. Wonderful. Rico brought the boys to hidden barbecue gem Wyatt’s, named after the owner, Oscar Wyatt. Wise old Wyatt explained that the key to cooking the best BBQ is a using old-fashioned rock pit, which he definitely has, and takes advantage of. Bronson and Co. take advantage of being in town by loading up on tons of Wyatt’s tasty barbecued chicken.

3. The Original Jamaican Restaurant, East Atlanta

action bronson wyatts

Within the same city, the squad was able to try out another local-legendary barbecue joint: The Original Jamaican Restaurant. Bronson praised their curry chicken and roti (“It’s all about the surprise inside”). Other squad-approved items included the jerk chicken, coconut water, and caramelized pepper.

4. Bay Scallop Ceviche: The Dutch, South Beach

action bronson dutch

“It just made me feel like a man…a man who loves a beautiful thing…”

Beautiful words from Action Bronson, in reaction to sampling some Bay Scallop Ceviche from The Dutch in Miami. Among all the delicacies he sampled—sandwiches, stuffed pasta, shellfish and seafood—Executive Chef Conor Hanlon’s papaya ceviche had Bronson completely intoxicated, so much that he insisted on recreating the dish right then and there. Hanlon said that it was the area’s Latin influence and fascination with ceviche that inspired the summer-flavored dish: a sweet blend of fresh bay scallops, passion fruit, red onion, and jalapeno. Getting to make the dish himself must have been that much sweeter for Bronson—he actually grew up working in kitchens in NY. “I never really went as far as I wanted to culinarily, but now, it’s like I’m living out my dreams.” Just add that to the Wonderful dream he’s already living.

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