WARHEADS Frozen Pops Are A Real Thing Now

Bomb Pops, the red-white-and-blue frozen ice sticks have just announced a collaboration with WARHEADS, the iconic sour candy, to create one gnarly extreme sour frozen treat.

The result is a 3-flavor variety of something they’re calling Bomb Pop WARHEADS. The frozen sticks will come in Black Cherry, Green Apple and Blue Raspberry flavors, and will be available nationwide this month.

“Sour is a really hot trend right now, especially among tweens,”  Chad Selter, Bomb Pop


“We’re excited to be working with a brand that resonates so well with our consumers. We’re confident that when our consumers hear the word ‘WARHEADS,’ they’ll instantly know the electrifying level of sourness they will get from enjoying these three new flavors wrapped up in one ice pop – a delivery only Bomb Pop can convey.”

The Bomb Pop WARHEADS will be available in 12-packs at retailers nationwide with select retailers dolling out the single-serving packages.