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Intricate 100-Layer Lasagna Is A Slice Of Heaven That Takes Three Days To Make

When I picture Italian comfort food, a savory slice of lasagna is high up on that list. The meticulous details that go into the dish, coupled with the amount of love to properly bring it to standards makes the layered pasta one of the most iconic foods in history. While most renditions of a classic lasagna fall between 10-20 layers of ribbon pasta and sauce, one variation goes a little further than that. Actually, a lot further.

In a feat of modern achievement paired with traditional flavors, Viale dei Romani, located in Hollywood, CA, created an intricate 100-layer lasagna.

Called the Pasta Alla Piastra, the dish is made in the traditional Emilia-Romagna style, which layers sheets of pasta between a mix of bolognese sauce (made from veal and pork) and béchamel sauce. This process is repeated about 40-50 times between sauce and noodle, adding up to a head-turning 100 layers.

Once the layers are stacked, the lasagna is chilled and sliced into pieces. When ready to serve, it’s seared to a crisp on one side and served with a tangy, flavorful tomato jus.

In fact, the process is so intricate that it takes three days to complete for a single dish.

Lasagna lovers, this decadent dish is truly an item you have to experience at least once if you’re out in the Los Angeles area.

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McDonald’s Japan Now Lets You Smother Fries In A Cheesy Bolognese Sauce

It seems these days McDonald’s fries are getting all kinds of fancy upgrades. The latest installment in next-level fry technology comes from McDonald’s Japan.

SoraNews reports that the new limited-time offering roughly translates to Try [and] Pour Some Cheese Bolognese Fries and they’re exactly what they sound like.

The savory side features McDonald’s classic French fries topped with a meaty bolognese sauce that’s combined with melted white cheddar cheese. McDonald’s variation of bolognese sauce includes ground beef and pork, caramelized onions, tomatoes, garlic, and black pepper — which actually sounds delicious.

McDonald’s Try [and] Pour Some Cheese Bolognese Fries is available at all participating locations throughout Japan beginning Feb. 28 through the end of March.

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The Cheese Pulls On These Mini Bolognese Pies Are Ridiculous

Bolognese is a classic Italian sauce that originated in, well, Bologna, Italy. While usually drenched over noodles, a bakery is giving it an Australian twist for the third annual OOZEFEST in Santa Ana, California.

Pie Not: The Aussie Style Bakery is taking the meaty bolognese, stuffing it inside a mini pie, and drowning it in more cheese than you’d expect to fit in such a tiny vessel.

The pie crust is freshly made, then loaded with the bolognese, which consists of Italian sausage and marinara sauce. After topping it with a healthy helping of mozzarella, the top crust encloses it, creating a cheese pull that will force you to put your hands up like a bank robber says so.

Pie Not will be handing out these pies to all VIP guests for OOZEFEST at the MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, California. For more information on vendors or to purchase tickets, please visit

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Domino’s India Now Has Macaroni-Layered Pizza with BBQ-Flavored Liquid Cheese


Domino’s India is doing its best to hop on the creative pizza bandwagon with the new Cheesy Boloroni Pizza, which layers macaroni on top of a vegetarian meat sauce and then caps the whole thing with barbeque-flavored liquid cheese and mozzarella plus the normal smorgasbord of individualized toppings. The “Boloroni” sauce is supposed to be a vegetarian hybrid of “macaroni” and “bolognese,” but the concept of eliminating meat from a meat-based bolognese sauce sounds a little sketchy strange to us. Then again, this is a macaroni pizza we’re talking about. We’ll just have to trust that any food with that many carbohydrates has to be delicious.

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