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Afters Ice Cream is Now Serving Tapatio Flavored Sorbet

This week, on September 15th, The Hundreds and DoorDash will be hosting the Family Style Food Fest, an event that pairs the streetwear community and with lauded restaurants to create a brand new food experience centered around community. However, one of the most appealing options isn’t coming from a streetwear designer, it’s coming from one of the most dependable sauce brands on the market, Tapatio, and Orange County’s own Afters Ice Cream.

The two will be rolling out a special collaboration flavor, made by infusing Tapatio into Afters’ mango sorbet. To give it some extra punch, they’ve added a Tapatio swirl. Then, they drizzle a good amount of Tapatio on top and dust it with a layer of Tajin, the popular Mexican seasoning powder.

While this may seem overwhelming on paper, the flavor combination is surprisingly mellow. The Tapatio doesn’t overpower the mango, it only adds some heat that’s immediately cooled off by the sorbet. The result is a sweet and spicy treat akin to a mangonada. All it needs is the Flautirriko.

If you want to try this late summer treat, but can’t make it to Los Angeles next Sunday, the flavor will be available at all Afters locations for a limited amount of time. 

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12 Stunning Looks At LA’s Hottest New Poke Joint, TikiFish

It’s no secret that poke’s explosion onto the Los Angeles food scene has already received its due share of attention. What with poke joints seemingly sprouting up in every corner, the trend seems to be at peak levels in the city. So to stand out amongst the multitude of restaurants certainly takes more than just a claim of the freshest fish and best toppings.

Enter TikiFish, a new poke restaurant in Palms borne out of the ambitions of two men not new to success. Ben and Bobby Hundreds, founders of The Hundreds streetwear clothing brand, set out to conquer a different playing field that now involved a culinary sense of what works. At their disposal are fresh poke, ceviche, a host of premium toppings, and a city’s sudden affinity for the trend as their base to build out this new endeavor.

With Ben and Bobby being experts on eye-catching aesthetics, the visuals of the poke bowls being moved at TikiFish along with the distinct artistic flair of the interior decor are nothing short of impressive. Yes, pictures will always paint a thousand and more words, so let’s let social media’s ever vigilant eye speak for itself on TikiFish’s reason for being one of the hottest new restaurants in Los Angeles.

Endless Summer in LA, time for #TikiFish // 📸::@the_starving_actor

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Uni !! premium add-ons @tikifish !! 🙌 #eatdapoke #tikifish

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Thanks for another fun weekend at #TikiFish :: #EatDaPoke

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A photo posted by TikiFish – Poke & Ceviche (@tikifish) on

👀🐟🐠❤️ #tikifish #losangeles #bobbyhundreds #goodfood #poke #love #ceviche

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accidentally discovered a charming new lunch spot with @standard_div yesterday! #eatdapoke #tikifish

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Canned Spam Keeps This Famous Clothing Designer Humble


Bobby Hundreds—clothing designer and founder of popular streetwear label The Hundreds—has an unexpected affinity, gratitude and emotional bond with the most unlikely of packaged foods: SPAM.

His story reminds us that the food we eat carries with it the qualities of a time machine. Food invokes emotions, triggering memories the way a well-oiled DeLorean does.

For Bobby, a fair number of the accolades sent his way by the clothing and media industries usually involve mention of his signature tell-all storytelling. His behind-the-scenes blog was an unheard-of marketing strategy back in the company’s 2003 birth year and has since been a defining factor in his clothing line’s success.

“And now I always keep a can of SPAM around to remind me how far I’ve come.  And how far I’ll go.” Bobby Hundreds

Today is no different, as a recent Instagram photo journal reveals Bobby’s personal connection with the canned food that continuously ties him to a struggle-point in his life.

I was 23 years old, broke, and hadn’t eaten in a day and a half. My fridge was bare and the pantry was bone dry, but deep in the abyss, my eye caught onto a blue can. I wiped the dust off its face, then ran my thumb across those bold, four letters: S-P-A-M // I knew this can. It had survived three different moves, patiently waiting to be loved and consumed, behind the cereal boxes and Pop-Tarts. Forever alone. But I was desperate and cloudy. This was my rock bottom. I searched for an expiration date. I found a cryptic code printed next to a customer service number instead. The lady on the phone was sweet and Midwestern. “Um, I have this can of Spam here, but I can’t tell if it’s expired.” She asked me to read the last two digits on the train of numbers. “Zero. Seven.” She said, “Okay, so you should eat that by 2007.” I was in the clear, but I couldn’t decide if I should be relieved or disheartened. Before I could hang up, she added, “But sir, I got a secret for you.” Okay? “Truth is we don’t really know when it expires…” // I peeled back the gold lid and stared into its mouth. My fork dug into the spongy meat. It tasted salty and velvety, unlike anything else in nature, like unicorn’s flesh. I ate the entire can. And now I always keep a can of Spam around to remind me how far I’ve come. And how far I’ll go.

A photo posted by Bobby Hundreds (@bobbyhundreds) on

Everyone has particular food that hearkens back to a moment in their personal history. The emotional connection Bobby experienced with his SPAM might seem comical in the headline of a news publication, but at its core reminds us that eating is an emotional activity.

Funny thing is, Bobby actually has a DeLorean. I wonder if he sits in his car late at night after work and binge eats out of that tiny blue tin can.

Hopefully he puts up an Instagram about it soon enough.

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Liquid Nitrogen-Infused Nutella Booze Milkshake

Thanks to one of the originators of blogging-for-brand, Bobby Hundreds, we have a great photo of this Liquid Nitrogen + Booze + Ice Cream concoction from HBurger in Denver, Colorado. One of the highlighted items on the HBurger menu is a Nutella Marshmallow milkshake, filled to the brim with vanilla vodka, hazelnut liquor, Nutella, vanilla ice cream, topped with roasted marshmallow and seeping into the atmosphere with that liquid nitrogen kick.

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Bobby Hundreds at HotPot (Hong Kong)

My blog roll is nearing the the hundreds (no pun intended, but I’ll cheerfully accept). Whether it’s a food blog, Perez Hilton, tech blogs, fashion blogs or Xangas, it’s probably on my wake-up-and-read list every morning. If you e-mail me your personal blog, most likely I will end up checking back to see what’s good in your life. I digress, today I bring you one of the blogs that are top tier on my list of things to read. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bobby Hundreds, dude is the creative director and founder of The Hundreds clothing, and one of the main drives of the brand, in my opinion, is his blog. To be honest, I don’t own a single article of The Hundreds clothing, but you gotta respect branding and culture that gets invested into the brand. Today we bring to you one of Bobby Hundred’s “work” trips to Hong Kong and goes out to a local restaurant called “HotPot” with his friends and co-workers.