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Introducing The Backup Food Choice Hall Of Fame

We all know the frustrating feeling of a restaurant carrying Pepsi products instead of Coca-Cola. You kind of say, “Fine,” and try to enjoy the rest of your meal. Yes, there are plenty of people who enjoy Pepsi, it’s obviously one of the biggest soda brands in the world, but in our heart-of-hearts, we all know it is #2 in the soda world.

There’s nothing wrong with being No. 2, obviously. You can make the argument that #2’s are often better than the most popular foods or restaurants out there.

Because of that, we’re going to show love to these backup options, as they’ve served us when, for whatever reason, what we really wanted wasn’t available. They need not be ashamed of being the second option, though. They’re like the NBA player’s go-to mistress when their wife isn’t in that particular city. They’re the side pieces of the food world.

The world doesn’t follow Ricky Bobby’s mantra of, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” If you can’t get Kevin Hart in a role, just get Katt Williams. If Beyonce couldn’t headline Coachella, Rihanna could have stepped in and done just fine.

Being someone’s backup choice is something to be proud of — at least you’re in the game.

Without further ado, here is the Backup Food Choice Hall of Fame:


The most well-known backup option in the world has to be Pepsi. Through the years, they’ve tried to woo us with flavors, gimmicks, and celebrities such as, “Pepsi Man,” Beyonce, Britney, Pepsi Twist, and a strange energy drink called Pepsi X. They even tried to convince us that Pepsi was the future in, well, Back to the Future. Pepsi might not ever jump over Coca-Cola, but we have to give them props for always innovating, and reminding us how much we love Coke.

Five Guys Burgers

Is there a little West Coast bias in this entry? Maybe, but around these parts, we feel Five Guys is a solid backup option to In-N-Out burger. It’s nice that Five Guys offer so many toppings to mask their often over-seasoned burger, and that’s an honorable deed that’s not lost on this list. Salute to the five men who aren’t quite In-N-Out, but still get it done.

Burger King

Calling yourself the Burger “King” is bold, and being a top-5 restaurant chain in the world warrants bragging. Unfortunately for them, McDonald’s exists. If it weren’t for that red-headed clown and his iconic golden arches, Burger King could actually be king. BK still rides hard, though, often creating noise with trendy limited time offers such as Froot Loop shakes, Flamin’ Hot Mac n Cheetos, and Surge-flavored slushies.


Even with Chipotle hitting hard times, Qdoba is still looked at as the backup build-your-own burrito when you need to get white girl wasted. It’s probably not even fair, because Qdoba isn’t the one dishing out E. Coli every six months. Chipotle is weathering the storm, and that legendary guacamole seems to be keeping them afloat, while Qdoba chugs along with burritos that are just as good, yet just not quite as popular.

Del Taco

Here’s another solid fast food taco spot whose only fault is that it’s not Taco Bell. Del has a similar taco concept to Taco Bell, plus surprisingly good burgers and fries. Taco Bell just has more clout than them on a global scale, and always stays relevant with new products. Shout out to Del Taco for being open late, though. That’s always appreciated.


The Cup Noodles brand is so powerful that people inadvertently call Maruchan, “Cup Noodles.” There’s a good chance you saw the Maruchan photo above and said, “Don’t trash talk my Cup Noodles.” People still eat a lot of Maruchan, they just don’t realize it because as far as we’re concerned, every noodle in a cup is Cup Noodles. The power of Nissin’s effective branding.


Growing up, drinking Powerade was the equivalent of wearing off-brand shoes. Gatorade commercials had all the popular athletes, and they brainwashed us into wanting to scoop up all the electrolytes we can. You probably don’t even know what an electrolyte is, but Gatorade made you want it. Powerade usually has those grocery store bulk deals, so they at least win in that respect.

Peet’s Coffee

Starbucks pretty much runs the world at this point, right? As much as we like to say, “Support the little guy,” and try our darndest to find coffee elsewhere, but Starbucks is on every corner. Peet’s holds its own, however. If your city isn’t littered with Starbucks and actually gives you the Peet’s option, take it. While Peet’s is a pretty big chain in its own right, they’ll serve your dine-in coffee and baked goods in actual dishes. It actually makes you feel human, instead of like a vehicle passing through for fuel.


Let me start off by saying I love Ruffles. Cheddar and Sour Cream is my jam, but for whatever reason, those ridges sometimes turn people away. When you’re at a party and see a bowl of Ruffles and a bowl of Lays, those Lays disappear real quick, leaving Ruffles out in the cold. Y’all need to stop disrespecting Ruffles.


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Usually, 7-Up is one of those drinks you enjoy at home, and hardly anywhere else. They’re rarely offered at restaurants, as we all know the lime soda of choice is typically Sprite. On that note, shout out to Mist Twist (though it’s still Sierra Mist to almost everybody) for being there when Sprite isn’t. It sucks not having Sprite, but you have to drink something.


Dunkin’ Donuts

Stacks on stacks on stacks 📸: @frostingandfettuccine

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They have “donuts” in the name, but you’re more likely to go there for their coffee than anything else. Sure, you can eat an OK donut there, but it will never match the warm feeling you get from a fresh Krispy Kreme donut. Yes, Krispy Kreme is the king of donuts, but Dunkin’ has the name power and will always be there to break your fall when you can’t get to a Krispy Kreme.


The Shakey’s experience is underrated, and the pizza is solid, but it unfortunately comes behind Chuck-E-Cheese’s, every time. Shakey’s was the birthday destination when you couldn’t get Chuck-E plans set up in time. Everything about Chuck felt magical, from the games, to the freaky animatronic band. Shakey’s is as good of a backup as there is, and it surely beats out Round Table. Oh, and have you ever had their mojo potatoes? Fire.

Sam’s Club Samples

Costco food samples are an event. It’s one of the reasons the warehouse is so enjoyable, especially as a kid. Sam’s Club has samples, too, so that’s good, I guess. Good for them. I’m sure some people enjoy Sam’s Club samples, but they sure as hell aren’t Costco.


Sure, KFC is the biggest fried chicken chain in the world, but if you put them side-by-side with Popeye’s and asked people to choose a crispy drumstick, Popeye’s would win that fight, hands down. There was a day when KFC’s 11 herbs and spices were all the hype, but the quality of Popeyes fried chicken has surpassed KFC, and has even gone global.

BONUS: Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay has become a bit of a household name, but he’s no Gordon Ramsay. Ramsay has become synonymous with celebrity chefs, and Flay is just behind him. The two have had a playful feud over the years, threatening a formal cook-off against each other, but never following through. Even then, we all know the fiery Scotsman would take down Flay.

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Gordon Ramsay Calls Bobby Flay A ‘F*cking Limp D*ck’ For Ducking Him In Cook-Off

Gordon Ramsay’s honor was put on the line as he played “Spill your guts, or fill your guts” on the Late Late Show with James Corden. Ramsay was basically baited into a game of truth or dare, with bull penises, clam juice, and crickets thrown into the mix.

While Ramsay didn’t want to answer a few questions, instead opting to munch on chicken feet and bull penis, he did take the time to completely trash Bobby Flay for dodging him in a cook-off (@ 2:24 in the YouTube video).

Ramsay has been challenging Flay for years, and the fiery chef said that Bobby refuses to sign the contract.

At last year’s Vegas Uncork’d, we asked Flay about the prospective battle, and he acknowledged it, saying it would have to be a Pay-Per-View event.

Nothing has happened since then, and Ramsay brought it up once again on the Late Late Show, sending out a message to Flay:

“For the last five years we’ve been trying to do this cook-off together in Vegas, for charity. And he won’t sign the fucking contract. NOW, sign the contract, you fucking limp dick!”

Ramsay was even asked to build a totem pole with Wolfgang Puck, Jamie Oliver and Flay, and he had no problem putting Flay at the bottom of it.

The whole game with Corden was gold, as Ramsay ate some spicy bull penis, refusing to name the celebrity he wouldn’t invite back to his restaurant. He later refused to admit the last time he literally shit his pants, and ended up eating a chicken foot, topped with salmon ice cream, and clam juice.

So while Ramsay was mum on a few things, he had no problem jumping on Bobby Flay and issuing a cook-off challenge… again.

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Bobby Flay Explains Why He Dramatically Quit Iron Chef In Middle Of Taping

Bobby Flay made his name with over 15 years worth of Iron Chef showdowns, but his Food Network competition days came to an abrupt end back in October after he made a dramatic exit from the show.

On-set sources revealed to Vanity Fair that during the taping of the new Iron Chef Showdown, Flay took off his apron and revealed a shirt that read, “THIS IS MY LAST IRON CHEF BATTLE EVER.”

It was definitely not something the show’s producers were expecting, and when they rushed the stage to tell Flay that it would be hard to edit out his shirt, he reportedly said, “I know. That’s the point.”

After the incident, Flay tried to say it was a joke, but at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival this weekend, he confirmed that he indeed is done with Iron Chef, saying:

“I’ve done over 100 Iron Chef competitions and frankly they are exhausting. When I do a season, I do between 6 and 8 [battles] in a week and it crushes me because it’s 60 minutes of pure energy, creativity and execution. So at some point I was like, ‘I’ve been doing this for a long time and I want to go out on a high note.'”

Flay then went on to say that he wanted it to be a surprise, and boy was Food Network surprised, as Flay said they were a little peeved at him for the shirt stunt.

Still, Flay said no bridges were burned and he’s still proud of his time on Iron Chef, but it’s a young man’s game now, and he seems at peace with that.

Celebrity Grub Cravings Video

This Is How Your Favorite Celebrity Chefs Cook Their Steak

A good steak can be tricky to master. If your temperature is too low, or your cook time is too long, you can ruin a premium cut of beef in a matter of seconds.

Luckily, we have a cavalcade of celebrity chefs to look up to with their own specific methods of cooking the perfect steak. Sure there’s no exact way to handle a steak, but you’ll definitely need to know what to avoid and what brings forth the best flavor.

If you stick to these guidelines, you’re gonna have a pretty juicy cut on your plate.

Gordon Ramsay

Arguably one of the most popular methods to cook steak on YouTube, with more than 10 million views, is Gordon Ramsay’s process. The fiery chef’s method involves a nice hot sear and is followed by consistent basting with thyme, garlic, and butter. This method not only adds a layer of flavor to your meat, but also prevents it from drying out.

Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay prefers to season his ribeye with salt, pepper, and thyme before hitting the grill to create a savory crust around his steak. Cooking it on the hottest part of the grill, Flay only flips the meat once on each side.

If you’re looking to elevate your steak a little further, Flay creates a bleu cheese and cream sauce as a topping.

Giada De Laurentiis

Home cooks typically just cook steak straight from a skillet or grill and serve it immediately. When you need to nail that perfect temperature, however, it doesn’t hurt to use a broiler. That’s what chef Giada De Laurentiis does in her filet mignon tutorial.

After giving her steak a nice sear, she throws the meat in the oven for it to finish. The steak will cook evenly and give you some extra free time to move onto other dishes.

Chef De Laurentiis also creates a sweet balsamic syrup and goat cheese topping for her filet mignon that really punches up the flavors and compliments the protein.

Curtis Stone

Chef Curtis Stone’s methodology to grilling the perfect steak is pretty similar to Gordon Ramsay’s: a constant process of basting with butter, garlic, and thyme. Stone recommends using a cast iron skillet for steak as it is able to retain heat better than a regular stainless steel one. However, if you don’t plan on investing in a cast iron, just make sure the heat is set a little higher on the stainless steel skillet.

As for letting the meat rest, the chef says that it should be half the time it took for you to cook the steak.

Anthony Bourdain

While Anthony Bourdain doesn’t exactly cook a steak in this video, the revered chef and personality has one cardinal rule he abides by when cooking steak. In an interview with Tech Insider, Bourdain claims that the worst mistake when cooking steak is when amateur cooks can’t refrain from touching the meat.

Just let it sit.

Following removal from heat, steak must be left alone for 5-7 minutes as that period allows the beef to continue to cook and the juices to distribute themselves through the cut of meat.

Emeril Lagasse

In a guest appearance on Martha Stewart, chef Emeril Lagasse cooks some meaty cuts of hanger steak for a live audience. As seen in this segment, steak seasoning doesn’t have to be limited to salt and pepper.

Chef Lagasse shows us how to create a juicy marinade for his massive strips of steak with a variation of dry rub and a wet marinade. Essentially, mix it up a little from time to time.

Alton Brown

In one of the coolest methods to cooking beef, Alton Brown likes to cook his skirt steak directly onto searing hot charcoal. The meat itself only takes about 30 seconds to cook on each side, but needs at least 15 minutes to rest after a sear is achieved.

Alton also mentions that you shouldn’t worry about ash residue on your skirt steak. You can easily brush it off afterwards.

Alex Guarnaschelli

There are celebrity chefs, and there are celebrity chefs who are chefs to celebrities. Alex Guarnaschelli is the latter, being a go-to chef to the stars. In an episode of The Wendy Williams Show from a few years back, Guarnaschelli shows the day-time host how to prepare a massive two-pound Tomahawk Ribeye steak.

One method she utilizes is adding compound butter to control the temperature of her steak.

Jamie Oliver

In this video, Chef Jamie Oliver highlights this favorite cut of beef: the flat iron. Before cooking his flat iron, he rubs it generously with olive oil and seasons it with salt and pepper. To evenly cook the cut of beef, Chef Oliver recommends turning it over every minute.

Unlike Ramsay and Stone’s process of basting his steak in butter, garlic, and thyme, Oliver rubs each ingredient directly onto the crust as he cooks.

Graham Elliot

Remember when Graham Elliot was on MasterChef? We sure do. In this throwback to his days in the season 4 MasterChef kitchen, chef Elliot shows viewers how he cooks his steak.

Using a ribeye, Chef Elliot creates a spice rub for his meat. He incorporates olive oil, salt, pepper, cinnamon, and some red pepper flakes. As his steak cooks, the chef also prepares a few charred rings of onions and a cilantro sour cream sauce.

While we love the addition of chef Aron Sanchez this season, we sure miss Graham.

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Bobby Flay Challenges Gordon Ramsay To A Pay-Per-View Cook-Off

A showdown between Bobby Flay and Gordon Ramsay is comparable to Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao, down to the possible Pay-Per-View potential.

In an exclusive interview with Foodbeast during this year’s Vegas Uncork’d, Flay said that the only way he’d go up against Ramsay would be in a boxing-style spectacle, the greatest cook-off of all time.

“Only if it’s a Pay-Per-View event,” Flay said. “I’ve been hoping it would happen outside of Caesar’s Palace, like the old school heavyweight fights, but that’s yet to have happened.”

Even with cameras everywhere, and millions of eyes certainly glued to the TV, Flay still doesn’t trust Ramsay to play fair. When asked what he’d like the stipulations be, he said:

“I don’t know. Gordon’s going to cheat anyway, so it doesn’t matter.”

For years, we’ve dreamed of a cook-off between two of the most popular chefs in the world, and all they do is tease us.

A post shared by Isai Rocha (@izzy_serious) on

At last year’s Vegas Uncork’d, Ramsay promised a cook-off with Flay was coming, and he even went out “looking” for Flay at his Mesa Grill restaurant, live streaming the hunt on Facebook.

The way Flay talked about Ramsay, it seemed like they’re actually friends, so hopefully they can finally make this thing happen, and give the people what they want.

Celebrity Grub Recipes

This Is How Your Favorite Chefs Make Scrambled Eggs

Even with food as simple as scrambled eggs, chefs always have their own special methods to cooking.

You might think you know how to cook a mean scrambled eggs, but between some of your favorite chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Bobby Flay, you’ll learn that there’s so many ways to get that egg just right.

While every one of these chefs takes a different journey, the destination is always perfect, so take a look at all the methods, and see which works best for your scrambled masterpiece:


Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay came out on Jimmy Kimmel back in 2004 and showed how he makes his scrambled eggs. One of his secrets involved adding butter during the egg whisking process. He also suggests moving the pan and spatula at the same time. He has also been known to take the pan on and off the heat a few times, like shown in this alternate video.

Of course, Ramsay got a little theatrical toward the end of the Jimmy Kimmel segment, but that’s just Gordon being Gordon.


Melissa d’Arabian

Some chefs like putting milk in their scrambled eggs, but if you still want to add some creaminess without the lactose, Chef Melissa uses lactose-free milk, and it still works. We also learn from this video that butter has very low lactose levels, so it’s still generally OK to use, even if you’re intolerant. That totally depends on the person, though.


Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver’s a ‘G’ so he actually has three different ways of making scrambled eggs. In this video he teaches us how to make scrambled eggs the English way, French way, and American way.

For the English eggs, he stirs it every 5 seconds, but he cooks at a medium heat, leaving curds and moisture in the final product.

For the French version, he cooks the eggs over boiling water. The slow cooking process actually takes about six minutes, so you’ll need some patience for the French method. These eggs come out so creamy, they actually look like grits.

The American-style eggs aren’t quite as complex, but you still have to slowly cook them, gently brushing the egg.


Bobby Flay

This video isn’t very long, as Bobby probably assumes you know your way around a scrambled egg, but he does provide one key tip. Bobby doesn’t like to add salt until the very end of the cooking process, because salt can interfere with the classic curds you want in your scrambled eggs.


Rachael Ray

It seems that Rachael’s audience members fall apart when it comes to making eggs, thankfully, she was there to school everyone on the cooking process. She teaches how to make fried eggs, but at the 3:30 mark, she digs into the scrambled goodness. Her key tip is to not just add butter, but to add FROZEN butter to the egg in order to enhance the flavor. She even adds hot sauce before whisking, because, hell yeah!


Emeril Lagasse

Emeril really gets specific with his instructions, which is pretty awesome. He says the longer you whisk, the better, because you want to “incorporate as much air as possible.” He also says to let the eggs settle in the pan before you start stirring. To really make your scrambled egg experience special, he then says its best to serve them on a hot plate.


Michael Symon

The Chew host didn’t have a demonstration in this video, but explained his idea of the perfect scrambled egg. Symon believes that scrambled eggs are meant to be “…creamy, fatty and delicious.” Symon also said he waits until the eggs are almost done cooking to add butter and creme fresh so it slows down the cooking and gives them extra creaminess.


Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart believes that if you make the eggs right, you don’t have to add milk or water. Another decent tip is to not use a pan that’s too big. She also doesn’t salt them until after they’re plated, which is interesting, compared to the rest of the other chefs’ advice.


Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone seems to believe in Michael Symon’s method of making the eggs as creamy and fatty as possible. Stone not only loads his scrambled eggs with cream milk, but he also puts mayonnaise to make it zesty. Interesting method, Chef Stone.


Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain pays close attention to the egg itself, to the point that he makes sure he cracks the egg on a flat surface and throws them in the mixing bowl right away. He always uses fresh eggs, and makes sure he doesn’t over-beat them, waiting to the point where there’s white and yellow “ripples” throughout. The biggest key to him is getting them into the pan immediately after the whisking process, because they get a grayish tint if you let the beat eggs sit.

Hit-Or-Miss Video

10 DIY Food Hacks That Will Make You Look Like A Boss

Unless you’re a famous chef like Gordon Ramsay or Bobby Flay, you probably have yet to master the culinary skills needed to reach chef superstardom.

In that case, HouseHold Hacker, a YouTube channel dedicated to posting, “quick & simple” do-it-yourself life hacks has you covered. HouseHold Hacker recently posted a 10-item crash course on simple food hacks that will help you work your way into the culinary hall of fame — if such a thing existed. Check out the video below.

We think these guys are onto something. These hacks are insanely easy and will leave you thinking, “why didn’t I think of that?”

Not only will some of these hacks save your food, but it will keep you from forkin’ out mad dough at the grocery store when your lettuce and basil go bad. Additionally, HouseHold Hacker shows us some really clever ways to use frozen butter and how to make homemade “frozen yogurt.” Where you at, Yougurtland?

Currently, Household Hacker’s channel has more than 3 million subscribers, so it’s safe to say we’re not the only ones taking notes.

Happy hacking!


Gordon Ramsay Wants To Beat Bobby Flay And 7-Pound Tacos [THE KATCHUP]

Here we are, another episode of the FOODBEAST Katchup. If you missed out on all the food news this week, fear not. This series catches you up on all the top stories in the wide world of food.

This week, we find out that Gordon Ramsay is ready to throw down with Bobby Flay. Some guy brilliantly decides he needs to eat corn on the cob faster. An NYC restaurant created a 7-pound taco to take care of hangovers.

We find out why the Taliban won’t ever touch a McDonald’s Big Mac. Finally, a man straps a fake chocolate bomb to his chest thinking it’s a good idea. It wasn’t.

Check out this week’s Katchup!


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