This Zoo Lets You Eat the Animals on Display


Langau am Albis, a zoo south of Zurich, is known for serving game meat at their exhibits. While one’s initial thought would be that the act is appalling, especially with such exotic creatures, it’s quite the opposite. The zoo serves game meat at restaurants and park grounds as a means to control the animal population.

No, they’re not cooking up anything endangered like rhinos, elephants or tigers. Rather, animals like deer and boar are the most common meats shot, the cooked for the zoo’s dining facilities. Since so many animals are born each year to the zoo, if new homes are can’t be found, they are killed for human consumption.

Martin Kilchenmann, a spokesman for the zoo, according to Fox News, says that the process of killing and cooling the animals is actually ecological. It also teaches the park visitors about the “natural cycle” of the animal kingdom.

Some of the dishes include “Braised Roast Wild Boar with Mashed Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables” and “Venison in Cognac Sauce.”

H/T Fox News