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Justin Timberlake’s ‘Braspberry’ Hack Is Taking Over The Internet

Pop singer and actor Justin Timberlake just gave a creative food hack a novel name, and the internet’s already flipping out over the newly-dubbed “braspberry.”


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In a video on his Instagram feed, JT shared some deep thoughts on the hack, which is performed by jamming a blueberry inside of a raspberry.

“Is it a coincidence that a blueberry fits perfectly inside of a raspberry? I think not,” he said in the middle of the process. Timberlake then coins his fruit conglomerate with the name “braspberry,” eliciting some laughs from those in the background as he pops it into his mouth.

The video’s already amassed over 3 million views in under 2 days, with many people commenting on how awesome or ingenious the idea was.

“He’s a genius and this is why we love him.” – @drebarnhill

“Those are some real deep thoughts 😂😂😂” – @danielle_renee127

“@justintimberlake but does that braspberry fit into a blackberry to make a blabraspberry?” – @justmops

This isn’t an entirely new food hack, however, as anyone who’s played with their berries while bored has probably done this at least once or twice. Still, Timberlake’s fascination with the braspberry has suddenly turned it into an ingenious phenomena to the internet.

It also looks like an incredibly easy healthy party food that I’m definitely trying out this holiday season.

Fast Food

WTF: Carl’s Jr.’s Has A Blueberry Muffin Burger

Elie arrived at the office early this morning and mentioned that he passed by a Carl’s Jr. somewhere near Costa Mesa that had a burger made with blueberry muffins. We dug around a little and discovered that Carl’s was testing both blueberry muffin and cornbread buns for the breakfast sandwiches.

Whenever Carl’s Jr. tests a new product, we’re always down to try it.

Unfortunately, the two items were at separate Carl’s locations so we had to make two different stops. If only part of our job description was to drive around and try new fast foods.

The first spot was in Santa Ana. Here’s the live stream.

Carls-Cornbread-02 Carls-Cornbread-01

Luckily, our second Carl’s location was only a few miles away in Costa Mesa. We gassed up Elie’s car and headed over.

Another one.

Carls-BB-Sign Carls-BB-Breakfast

Carl’s serves their breakfast sandwiches with three meats: ham, bacon, or sausage. We asked them to throw all three into on for convenience.


We also decided to get a Famous Star with blueberry buns just for kicks. Here’s what it looks like.

While the new bun options are only in its testing stages, it’ll probably make a wider release this week to more Carl’s spots. Each sandwich, minus the upgrades, costs $2.99.

Packaged Food

Pocky Adds BLUEBERRY Flavor That’s Shaped Like Hearts


While most people aren’t too familiar with the name Glico, they’re more than recognize one of its most popular products: Pocky. The thin pretzel/biscuit sticks are partially-dipped in chocolate and sold in whimsical boxes. Rocket News reports Glico is releasing a limited-edition flavor of Pocky that’ll leave you blue.

You can now get your hands on a special Blueberry Pocky. The biscuit stick is dipped into a special blueberry chocolate that gives it a unique color. In keeping with the close-to-Valentine’s release, the snack also features a subtle heart shape at its cross-sections.

Pocky fans are familiar with the traditional chocolate flavor as well as all the different variations over the years. This includes: strawberry, white chocolate and green tea.

Photo: Pocky


IHOP Debuts Blueberry Waffles with Chunks of Cheesecakes Inside


All’s been quiet on the waffle front lately. IHOP seems to know this and has introduced two limited-time waffle dishes to their menu. The waffles are Very Blueberry Cheesecake and Bac ‘n’ Cheddar. As you can guess, both feature blueberries and bacon, respectively.

The Very Blueberry Cheesecake is a Belgian waffle mixed with blueberries and NY Cheesecake chunks baked into the batter. It’s then topped with more cheesecake bits and blueberries. The Bac’ n’ Cheddar is a Belgian waffle cheddar cheese and hickory bacon bits baked in. Finally, it’s topped with extra bacon.

The Waffullicious Waffles will be available at participating IHOP restaurants for a limited time. The special begins on Sept. 8 and will last through Nov. 2.

Gah damn, now I want waffles.



Now You Can Get Fruit Toppings On Your Cinnabon


My friend and I like to play this game, where we convince ourselves typically unhealthy food is healthy just because it’s covered with something mildly healthy. We do it with avocados on our breakfast burritos, brown rice with our Panda Express, fruit compote atop our gargantuan deep fried funnel cakes.

And now, finally, we can do it with Cinnabon.

Yep, Louis C.K.’s favorite fat guy problem is getting into the holiday spirit, by offering guests the option to top their Classic Rolls, Minibons, or pull-apart “Center of the Roll”s with a syrupy drizzle of summertime berries.

Sure, chances are the syrup and the fact that they’re been preserved and flash frozen probably eliminate all health benefits from their previous lives as fruit. But until I care, Cinnabon is a officially a health food. Whoo-hoo!

H/T Brand Eating


Krispy Kreme Japan Does Donut Ice Cream Sundaes


Donuts and ice cream always felt indulgent enough on their own to ever need to be combined together — not that we’re complaining. Especially when the mashup comes at the hands of an expert craftsman like Krispy Kreme.

Over at their Japanese branches, the alliterative donuteer has re-envisioned its famous glazed rings for summer with new donut sundaes. Unlike similar combinations that suffer from too stiff pastries (*ahem, Umami Burger), Krispy Kreme only uses “Hot Doughnuts Now.” The result is a mouthwatering, sugar-flaked pillow coated with your choice of melty vanilla ice cream, yogurt, caramel corn, and toasted almonds; or yogurt, blueberry sauce, and granola. Hot damn.

H/T + PicThx Rocket News


New Red Bull Flavors Let You Chase Cranberry & Blueberry with Lime


That 9-hour drive up to the mountains for your snowboarding retreat can seem extra long without a Red Bull.  Even with the energy boost, doesn’t drinking the same bland taste get tiresome after a while?  That’s why Red Bull is introducing three new flavors: cranberry, lime and blueberry.

After a retail test of the new flavors, the new editions have finally been released to the public and are sold in single 8.4 fl oz cans and 8.4 fl oz 4-packs across the nation.

You can find cranberry in the red can, lime in the silver can and blueberry in the blue can. Wait, lime . . . silver? Ohhhkay, we see you Red Bull. Now you’ve got cranberry to get you through the first three hours, blueberry for the next three, and lime to chase it all down for that final stretch to your cozy mountain cabin.  But hey, don’t blame us when you get no sleep that night.


Fast Food

Starbucks Helps New Year’s Resolutions with New Blueberry Oatmeal at 280 calories

Do your New Year’s resolutions involve eating a more nutritious breakfast? As long as you weren’t planning on giving up coffee, check out the new Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal released by Starbucks, a blend of steel-cut and rolled oats topped with fresh blueberries, a dash of agave syrup, and a nut and seed medley. With 7 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, 280 calories and a prep-time of 5 min, you can quickly grab the fuel you need to start the day without pushing pause… so long as that Starbucks line isn’t an eternity long. Airports, we’re looking at you.

Prefer traditional toppings instead? You can still ask for Starbucks Classic Oatmeal, which comes with brown sugar, dried fruit and nuts.