Eggy Blue Rice Is The Edible Flower Recipe We Never Knew We Needed

I’ve always thought flowers in food were not more than an aesthetic garnish. Boy, was I wrong. Turns out there’s so much you can do with flowers in cooking, which leads me to this month’s Foodbeast Recipe Challenge. 

The crew was tasked with creating stunning dishes using FLOWERS. Man, did they deliver. 

Behold, Foodbeast’s resident Pokemon Professor, Constantine Spyrou (@constantine_spy), used Butterfly Pea Flower to make Blue Rice and topped it with a salt-cured egg yolk

The resulting contrast is breathtaking. Check out the video to see how Constantine pulled off this fantastic recipe, along with all the other entries from our talented batch of creators!

Other competitors in the flower recipe challenge include Oscar (@oscaroni), who made a layered Flor de Calabaza Quesadilla, Brenda (@gg the garden girl)​ , who made Edible Flower Jellies, Priyanka (@chefpriyanka) with her Rose Cardamom Gulab Jamuns, and Farrah (@Spiced Nice​), who crafted some sweet Truffles with Rose White Chocolate


For One Day, Denny’s Will Serve A Blue Moons Over My Hammy Sandwich At Miami Locations

Photo courtesy of Denny’s

Halloween is days away, and my excitement for the spooky night is unbound. Nearly as unbound as my excitement for anything breakfast-related. 

To celebrate Halloween, Denny’s is releasing an eerie take on their classic Moons Over My Hammy. The iconic breakfast melt, which features scrambled eggs, ham, American and Swiss cheese, will now sport a bright blue aesthetic. 

The Blue Moons Over My Hammy will be available for one day only at select Denny’s locations throughout Miami, FL, on Oct. 31. 

If you’re itching to go out and try this new sandwich on Halloween, be sure to stay safe out there! 

Alcohol Drinks Theme Parks

Disney’s Sparkling Blue Wine Might Be Their Most Photogenic Drink Yet

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If the booze I drank at home were half as photogenic as the ones the Imagineers at Disney come up with, I’d probably post more photos. With wine on the mind, one of Disney World’s latest alcoholic innovations comes in the form of a Sparkling Blue Wine.

Available at Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs, the stunning blue beverage is a prime example of the decadence that can only come from the Mouse King himself.

The bubbling beverage is garnished with a white chocolate Minnie Mouse topper that’s covered in a luminous dust.

Super fancy.

What catches my attention most about this drink is how few bells and whistles it carries. It’s minimalistic, but exudes elegance from the two components it offers — the vibrant color and topper.

A pink version of the beverage is also available at Amorette’s, but that one kind of just looks like regular wine. Gimme that blue sparkle.

You can find the dazzling item at Disney Springs, located just outside of Walt Disney World in Florida.

Packaged Food

Pocky Adds BLUEBERRY Flavor That’s Shaped Like Hearts


While most people aren’t too familiar with the name Glico, they’re more than recognize one of its most popular products: Pocky. The thin pretzel/biscuit sticks are partially-dipped in chocolate and sold in whimsical boxes. Rocket News reports Glico is releasing a limited-edition flavor of Pocky that’ll leave you blue.

You can now get your hands on a special Blueberry Pocky. The biscuit stick is dipped into a special blueberry chocolate that gives it a unique color. In keeping with the close-to-Valentine’s release, the snack also features a subtle heart shape at its cross-sections.

Pocky fans are familiar with the traditional chocolate flavor as well as all the different variations over the years. This includes: strawberry, white chocolate and green tea.

Photo: Pocky


So, Who Wants To Drink Some Blue Beer?


Before we start, let’s have three guesses at where this oddly-hued brew this comes from. (Hint: if you didn’t say “Pandora,” “Smurf Village,” or “Japan” just now, get it together man, honestly.)

Last year, we discovered the glory that was frozen beer foam — not a beer slushy, but a kind of whipped snow developed by Kirin Brewing Company to cool beers by watering them down. Well, in Japan, it seems they’ve taken this neat invention to its next logical step: sports branding.

For a limited time, the Kirin Ichiban Beer Garden in Tokyo is selling an awfully Breaking Bad-esque summer beer in promotion of Japanese soccer team, Samurai Blue. Topped with frozen, bitter beer foam, the Listerine-colored lager is actually nice and “refreshing,” according to Rocket News, with a surprising sweetness at the bottom we can only assume comes from whatever syrup gave the beer its color.

Since it’s only available at the beer garden until July, there’s probably a slim chance this grown-up Kool-Aid will ever make its way to the States. No, we’d never drink anything so weird.

H/T Rocket News


A-List Celebrity Commissions Viagra Ice Cream, Of Course


There’s a big difference between thinking about eating Viagra ice cream and actually commissioning someone to make it. Except, I guess, if you’re a celebrity.

Recently, “award-winning food inventor” Charlie Harry Francis (who previously brought us glow-in-the-dark jellyfish ice cream) was enlisted to invent a bright blue Viagra-laced ice cream for an unnamed A-lister’s party. He dubbed the champagne-flavored treat “Arousal,” and infused each scoop with 25 mg of the erectile dysfunction pill, which is basically “…the same about in the lowest dose of the drug,” HuffPo reports.


Though the celebrity’s identity remains confidential, Francis was assured he or she was “very happy with the end result.” Based on the super-subtle promo image below, hell, we believe it. Talk about your blue balls.


26 Blue Foods to Break Your Blue Monday Blues

Despite Blue Monday’s terrible rep, color theorists believe the color is actually “calming” and “promotes solitude, meditation and independence.” Plus, you know, Blue Moon, for when nothing else can snap you out of your post-New Year’s slump.

Happy Blue Monday!

(And sorry for saying ‘blue’ so much).

1. Blue Popcorn


Picthx scarsnevermore

2. Blue Candy


Picthx firelordleo

3. Blue Caramel Apples


Picthx Argo2

4. Bloo


Picthx weheartit

5. Blue Icees


Picthx weheartit

6. Blue Sea Salt Ice Cream


Picthx weheartit

7. Blue Cookie Monster


Picthx weheartit

8. Blue Doritos Cool Ranch


Picthx weheartit

9. Blue Sour Punch


Picthx weheartit

10. Blue Macarons


Picthx the-f-o-o-d-blog

11. Blue Lemonade


Picthx the-f-o-o-d-blog

12. Blueberries


Picthx the-f-o-o-d-blog

13. Blue Flowers


Picthx the-f-o-o-d-blog

14. Blue Ombre Cake


Picthx the-f-o-o-d-blog

15. Blue Ice Cream


Picthx the-f-o-o-d-blog

16. Blue Superman Cupcakes


Picthx the-f-o-o-d-blog

17. Blue Kiwi


Picthx the-f-o-o-d-blog

18. Blueberry & Goat Cheese Crostinis


Picthx the-f-o-o-d-blog

19. Blue Bunny Peeps


Picthx -lovelycolors

20. Blue Donuts


Picthx -lovelycolors

21. Blue Winter Cupcakes


Picthx -lovelycolors

22. Blue Cookies


Picthx -lovelycolors

23. Blue Waffles


(Not that kind.)

Picthx peacemakerbreathtaker

24. Blue Cotton Candy


Picthx volang-linda

And lastly, for the punnies:

25. Bleu Cheese


Pixthx Structures:NYC

26. Blue Moon


Picthx betterbeerblog

And just for good measure:


Behold, a Blue Strawberry?

According to some convincing sources, a blue strawberry does exist! Yay or nay? On the one hand it looks awesome, that atomic blue color is quite a novelty and is extremely attractive. But at the same time, would you feel safe eating it? 

After all, it is a Willy Wonka-esque creation. This blue was purely unintentional as scientists wanted to figure out a way to protect strawberries from frost and found that a gene in “Artic Flounder Fish” produced antifreeze properties to protect itself from freezing waters. The result of genetically modifying this gene created a shockingly blue fruit that can withstand very cold temperatures and won’t turn into mush in your freezers.

Cynthia Blu Jawdeh uses a few different references to support the existence of the Blue Strawberry. On the other hand, there have been several other ‘Photoshop enthusiasts’ who have called out some of the inconsistencies in the featured image, and some of the choppiness around the border.

What are your thoughts? Would you eat one if it existed? Is the possibility of a Blue Strawberry that outstanding that you’d be hard-pressed to believe it exists?

Speak on it in the comments!