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Blue Moon LightSky Introduces New Tropical Wheat Flavor

Blue Moon’s low calorie LightSky option is evoking some lush vibes with the debut of a new Tropical Wheat flavor.

This new full-flavored low calorie offering is releasing nationwide in the US and clocks in at just 95 calories. The crisp wheat beer is brewed with real pineapple and orange peel, capturing bright and lively flavors that put you on to a potent vibe.

Blue Moon LightSky Tropical Wheat is now available nationwide in stores and online in 12 oz. slim cans. 

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Blue Moon Gets Hazy With New Pale Ale

Blue Moon Brewing Company is getting into the pale ale business with the nationwide launch of Moon Haze, its hazy and juicy pale ale.

Brewed with dried whole oranges, Moon Haze brings a delicious juicy flavor and Blue Moon’s signature orange color together to put its mark on the hazy beer scene. 

“Blue Moon is one of the pioneers of craft beer, and as the category continues to evolve, the brand keeps adapting to compete in growing craft styles, especially in the hazy category,” said Joy Ghosh, vice president of above premium beer at Molson Coors. “That’s why we are putting our signature Blue Moon spin on the red-hot hazy segment with Moon Haze, embodying our iconic orange color and bright flavor into our first-ever hazy and juicy pale ale.”

Unlike Blue Moon’s flagship Belgian White, which is a wheat beer, Moon Haze is the first, nationally-released pale ale from the brewery. Moon Haze has a juicy orange, tropical, coconut taste, an aroma of heavy citrus with notes of orange, pineapple, mango, a whisper of coconut, and a smooth taste with a touch of bitterness to finish.

“With Moon Haze, the experience starts before you take a sip – you drink in the hazy golden change from orange color with your eyes and smell the citrusy and hoppy aroma,” says John Legnard, Brewmaster at Blue Moon Brewing Company. “It surprises and delights because it’s got all of the fruitiness and creaminess of a Belgian White but with this unexpected bite and clean finish thanks to our recipe – wheat, pale malt, oats, whole dried oranges and a unique blend of tropical hops. The juiciness of Moon Haze will set it apart at marketplace, and we can’t wait for consumers to try it.”

Blue Moon’s Moon Haze is 5.7% ABV and is available now in 6-pack and 12-pack offerings of 12oz cans. 

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Blue Moon Creator Shares His Journey To Cannabis Beer And The Difficulties Behind The Brew

Photos courtesy Ceria Brewing

Late last year, Dr. Keith Villa, the founder of Blue Moon, launched his very own line of cannabis-infused beer name Ceria. Based in Colorado, the brew sold out almost immediately upon launch and has become a hot ticket purchase at local dispensaries in the state.

So what was the journey behind Ceria?

Villa, who holds a PhD in brewing from the University of Brussels in Belgium, began his career more than 30 years ago at MillerCoors. Upon his retirement, Villa and his wife immediately began their own brewery based out of Colorado.

His foray into weed beer actually began a little bit before his retirement from Blue Moon and parent company MillerCoors in 2018.

Photos courtesy Ceria Brewing

“In 2014, that’s when recreational cannabis became legal in the state of Colorado. At that time there was still a pretty large stigma around cannabis,” he recalled. “But I thought, it’s very possible to brew with cannabis because if you look at the genetics in the family tree of hops, you’ll see that cannabis is a close cousin of the hops plant.”

Ever the scientist, Villa began to test the concept afterhours.

“So I tried at home and on my own time because I never wanted to endanger the federal brewing permit of Blue Moon and Coors. So I always did it, all the cannabis experiments at home on my own time.”

That’s when the first semblance of Ceria came to existence.

“I found out quickly that, you can brew some beers with cannabis. That really got me to thinking, you know, this could be a whole new category because there are so many people who don’t drink alcohol for health reasons or religious reasons or whatever and they do want cannabis, because a lot of people believe cannabis does have healthful medicinal properties.”

Villa brought his wife onto the new venture, someone who has been working with him from the very start during all of his home tastings and tests.

“She lived with me in Belgium where I was getting my PhD. She’s one of the few people I know and trust that actually has lived in Belgium and can truly judge Belgian Beers and European-style beers.”

Photos courtesy Ceria Brewing

The two put their heads together and discovered that this could be an entirely new frontier that’s been untapped.

“We started figuring out right away that this could be a whole new category for beer. And so yeah, when we retired, we started Ceria Brewing Company and figured out right away that the best path forward was to focus on great tasting, non-alcoholic beers, craft beers that have the effects of cannabis and not the effects of alcohol. It was really hard creating a great tasting non-alcoholic beer. “

Villa didn’t seem like a man who would shy away from the challenge, however.

“Luckily with all my years of brewing experience as a brewmaster, I was able to create a series of non-alcoholic beers that taste really good. The next step is adding the cannabis in. So we have the effects of cannabis inside of a great smelling and great tasting craft beer.”

Photos courtesy Ceria Brewing

Working with cannabis and alcohol is an extremely tricky task. Dr. Villa explained that there were some major legal hurdles they had to overcome before launching their new product.

“Cannabis is federally illegal,” Villa states. “Though it is legal in the state of Colorado. So the first hurdle was alcohol, because the federal government, they strictly forbid anybody to put something that’s federally illegal into an alcoholic beverage. So you cannot add cannabis to it.”

“The Colorado Division of Revenue, through a subdivision called the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED), is the agency who controls and regulates the cannabis industry,” Villa explains.

Essentially, you can’t add cannabis to an alcoholic product and you can’t add alcohol to a cannabis product in the state of Colorado.

“So it was real clear right away that we could not have an alcoholic product with cannabis,” he said. “That’s what necessitated me to create a great tasting non-alcoholic beer. So that was definitely the first hurdle.”

Once Villa nailed the taste he wanted for a non-alcoholic beer, he set his sights on a different obstacle.

“After that, the biggest hurdle was getting people to taste our product because so many have read about cannabis or heard about it. And so many are just afraid of getting stoned. Well, our product is always going to be a lower dose so that people can trust it and not get stoned. They can get a mild buzz off, but they won’t get stoned.”

Photos courtesy Ceria Brewing

Finally, Dr. Villa explains the rich history behind his company’s name.

“Ceria is actually from the Roman goddess of fertility and agriculture. She’s in history, she is the goddess of agriculture, meeting hops and cannabis. Her name is Ceres. That’s where we get the names, cereal — like breakfast cereal. That’s where we get the name of Ceria.”

Boasting a medium-bodied taste and some notes of citrus and a smooth malty finish, Ceria can be purchased at select dispensaries throughout the state of Colorado. Villa shares in parting that Ceria plans on expanding to other states in the upcoming months as well as the development of new flavors.

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Blue Moon’s Founder Created A New Cannabis-Infused Beer And It Sold Out Quickly

Photo courtesy of Ceria

Keith Villa is probably best known for his contribution to the field of alcohol with his creation of Blue Moon. The brewmaster and founder was part of MillerCoors for approximately 32 years until his retirement early last year.

Now, in a time where cannabis-boasting beverages are becoming more and more prominent, Villa has launched a new brew that’s infused with pot: Grainwave Belgian-Style White Ale.

A medium-bodied Belgian-Style White Ale, Ceria is brewed with coriander and blood orange peels. As a spin on Belgian Ale, the beer is de-alcoholized and microdosed with 5mg of THC.

Villa’s new brewing company, Ceria Brewing Co., launched Grainwave last December in local dispensaries around the Colorado area and the initial batch sold out in about four hours.

While non-alcoholic, the brew is said to capture the flavors of a classic Belgian ale while providing the calming effects of cannabis.

Currently those looking to try Grainwave can find them in select dispensary locations in Denver, CO. For now, at least, it will remain a Colorado exclusive.

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Blue Moon’s Creator Is Now Developing The First Ever THC-Infused Beers

With cannabis-infused foods on the rise in the U.S., it was only a matter of time before a big name jumped into the field. The man who created Blue Moon for Coors Brewing Co. is officially getting into the marijuana business with THC-infused beers.

Keith Villa, who retired from Coors a couple of months ago, is working on making beer that actually gets you high.

According to Forbes, federal regulations prevent the combination of psychoactives and booze in the same product, but Villa is getting around that by taking the alcohol out of his beer and replacing it with THC, meaning you could still get a buzz, minus the hangover.

Villa’s new company, CERIA Beverages, aims to create these THC-infused beers in amounts proportional to a brew’s typical alcohol content. If an ale has 4-4.5% alcohol, for example, CERIA’s version would replace that with a comparable amount of THC. The company is working with ebbu to translate alcohol contents into THC dosages.

CERIA would then make the initial booze and distribute it to dispensaries, who would then add the THC in pre-determined amounts before selling to consumers. This allows the dispensaries to customize which strains go into the beer, making for custom psychoactive and relaxation experiences each time you sip on one of these.

If you’re interested in trying this non-alcoholic, psychoactive beer, you won’t need to wait long. CERIA plans to be on store shelves by this fall in Colorado, and is looking to spread to other states where marijuana is legal, soon.

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Applebee’s Brings Back AYCE Riblets AND $2 Blue Moons For January

Applebee’s is bringing back a fan favorite and dishing out AYCE riblets for a limited time.

ayce riblets

Photo courtesy of Applebee’s

The cult-favorite is now available in bottomless form at all restaurants, with a side of never-ending fries to pair with the banquet of riblets. For those who aren’t a fan of ribs, there’s also all-you-can-eat chicken tenders available as an alternative. Either option will set you back $12.99.

You’ll start off with either a 12-ounce portion of the riblets or seven chicken tenders, with refill options being either six ounces of riblets or three chicken tenders. The first serving comes with fries and coleslaw, while all refills come with just fries. You can choose to have your riblets slathered in Honey BBQ or Texas Spicy BBQ sauce, while the tenders simply come with Honey Dijon Mustard each time around.

Those hoping to get both riblets and tenders in their meal can do so, as you can mix and match between the two each time you order a refill. Thus, you can start off with a portion of riblets, go for tenders on round 2, and so on.

As a potential pairing for the AYCE riblets or tenders, Applebee’s is also continuing their cheap drinks lineup with a new alcohol deal: $2 Blue Moons. Each order is a 10-ounce draft of the iconic ale, and while it’s not as cheap as the Dollaritas or Dollar Long Island Iced Teas from the past couple of months, $2 for beer is still a pretty good price.

Both deals are only available for a limited time.


Blue Moon Drops Cinnamon Horchata Ale


Blue Moon attempts to bottle the spicy sweetness of horchata with their latest seasonal flavor: Cinnamon Horchata Ale. While word on the new beer remains under wraps, we suspect a roll-out closer to Fall. Apparently, the cinnamon-spiced ale comes from “brewmaster Keith Villa’s interpretation for a classic Mexican Horchata” and packs cinnamon, long-grain rice and a 5.5 percent ABV.

The boozy horchata will hit shelves as 12 oz bottle 6-packs. While we’re curious to find out how a horchata-flavored ale will fare with the masses — a stout seems more fitting for this originally creamy drink — we aren’t opposed to a milky-textured, sweet and spicy brew.


The Nation’s Favorite Beers by State [Infographic]


Budlight reigns in Texas, while Portlandians are sipping Blue Moon and California beach babes are kicking back with Corona on the beach. This latest infographic by Blowish,  a company that sells hangover-relief tablets (a coincidence? I think not), surveyed the drinking habits of people from all 50 US states.

The boozy study included 5,249 drinkers over the ages of 21 and sheds scintillating insight on everything from the nation’s overall beer of choice to which professions are the most likely to be hungover on the jobs (waiters of America, I raise my glass to you).

Check out the findings in the infographic below:


H/T Business Insider