This MLB Player Earned Free BBQ For Life With A Single Punch [WATCH]

I’m not even a really big baseball fan, but I sure as hell might be after seeing Rougned Odor crack Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista in the face. That’s the kind of shit I live for.

Last year in game 5 of the 2015 American League Division Series against the , Bautista served up a three-run-homer at a pivotal time in the 7th inning. After cracking the baseball, he stared down the pitcher for a moment then flipped his bat up into the air as he and his teammates went jogging around the bases on their way to a win. This did not sit well with Rangers fans and players alike.

Well, last Sunday, Bautista was rounding the bases and slid dangerously into second basemen Rougned Odor. This, being a big “fuck you” in baseball, led to Odor first shoving Bautista then clocking him square in the jaw so hard that Bautista’s sunglasses went flying off of his face.

As I’m sure you can imagine, Texas fans LOVED this. They were so happy that Odor punched Bautista that one fan even started a GoFundMe page in order to raise enough money to pay for his fines. The uber fandom doesn’t stop there, however, as Odor had one more enthusiastic fan give him a deal nobody would be mad about.

Travis Heim, the owner of Heim BBQ in Fort Worth, Texas, publicly declared that Odor had earned himself a lifetime supply of BBQ from his joint, all thanks to the smackdown he doled out to Bautista. “We just thought it would be a funny thing if we gave Rougie free food because he wasn’t the only one who wanted to punch Bautista after last year,” said Heim to NBC 5 News.

Heim has even started selling t-shirts honoring the man and the moment Texas fans will internalize and remember for years to come, with at least 200 sold already in the past few days. Now he just prays that Odor doesn’t abuse his newfound privileges. “Hopefully, he doesn’t like barbecue too much, because then we might be in the red,” Heim said. “It’s just a fun deal, you know.”



Drunk Guy With Incredible Accuracy Nails Baby In Head With Beer During Blue Jays Game

A mini riot ensued in the crowd at Wednesday’s Toronto Blue Jays game, and at some point, a baby got sprayed with beer, leading to an arrest.

Without getting too much into the sports specifics of the situation, a controversial play went down as the Blue Jays hosted the Texas Rangers in Game 5 of the ALDS.

The Toronto fans didn’t take that play too kindly and began throwing debris onto the field in protest. It got pretty crazy. Even the players came out of the dugout asking the fans to stop.

While fans in the upper deck threw their beer cans down onto the field, one of those cans reached a baby in the front row. Thankfully it was just beer that landed on the baby, on not the physical can, but it was just as upsetting to the mother.

The cameramen were on top of their game and even showed the crying mother as the incident happened live.

Somehow, Toronto PD found a male suspect in the sea of over 49,000 fans and arrested him, according to CBS Sports.

The man is being charged with “mischief,” which is the most Canadian sounding crime ever. Friendly bastards.

Now the Blue Jays are scrambling, trying to figure out what to do about selling beer cans at the stadium.

So the idiots who threw beer can not only ruined that family’s day, but probably ruined future days of beer can-drinking fanatics if the stadium does away with them.