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Sonic The Hedgehog Curry Exists, And It’s Blue Beyond Belief

Sonic the Hedgehog apparently has an official curry rice product, and it gives the Smurfs a run for their money in terms of how blue something can truly get.

The Sonic curry rice has been making its way around the internet recently thanks to a viral tweet from writer Jonathan Gray. According to VG247, it’s been around in Japan since late June of this year, and was a special promotional product collab between SEGA and Geek Life. It’s supposed to be as blue as the iconic video game character, which whoever was in charge of the food coloring took quite literally.

Those who have been able to score the curry and cook it have posted videos showing how to make it and what the results look like. Essentially, it’s a package of rice and a separate package of curry that can be heated, with you adding your protein of choice. Most people have been attempting to get it to look like Sonic the Hedgehog (with varying results), but more attention has been given to the curry’s electric blue hue.

YouTuber Retro Core noted in his upload that after eating the curry on camera, his teeth, tongue, and poop were all stained a bright blue, the latter of which stayed that way for a couple of days. In terms of taste, it actually wasn’t too bad, and is “quite creamy.”

If you’re interested in obtaining this curry for yourself, it is still available in various stores in Japan. There’s also at least one person attempting to sell a pack for a whopping $33 on eBay.

Featured image courtesy of YouTube user Retro Core