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This Florida Restaurant Serves A Bleu Cheese-Patty Burger, And It’s Funky

Forget everything you thought you knew about BBQ burgers, because Adler’s in Davenport, Florida is taking things to the next level with a blueberry lemonade barbecue sauce.

It’s called the Sacre BleuBQ Burger, and is a French play on words that perfectly expresses the surprising blend of sweet, sour, and savory flavor that oozes from this bad boy.

The beef burger patty is topped with a lot of familiar favorites, like thick-cut bacon, bleu cheese, and onion rings, and is then smothered with Adler’s house made blueberry lemonade barbecue sauce.

Inspired by Hubert’s Lemonade, Adler’s blueberry lemonade BBQ is a welcoming addition to the meaty burger.

Adler’s takes a minimalist approach to its food, putting quality ingredients at the forefront, teaming up with local vendors to make sure its food is something to be proud of.

The Sacre BleuBQ Burger debuted at Brunchfest presented by Hubert’s Lemonade at Playlist 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

Created in partnership with Hubert’s Lemonade

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15 Foods You Either Loved or Hated Growing Up

Growing up, everyone had drastic opinions about food — maybe all things, if we’re being honest here. As kids, we’d take one bite of a meal and declare it to be the only food worth eating ever again, or we’d sniff something on our plate and knew it to be non-edible slop that had been served to us for reasons beyond our understanding. We weren’t exactly known for our nuanced palates.

But it’s not like kids agreed on what those foods were. We didn’t have nationwide or global meetings deciding which pizza toppings were good or bad. Weirdest of all were the foods that offered no middle ground whatsoever. They were the foods that no one was simply “meh” about. Throughout our childhood, these were foods that we either super absolutely loved or very much absolutely hated. Let’s look at those top contenders of what drove us wild, whether good or bad. Let’s celebrate that divide!


A meal that could arguably drum up suspicion from the get-go, casserole has a history of being a thick, creamy jungle of who knows what. However, sometimes it could just be a savory cascade of all your favorite goodies inside a deliciously layered festival of flavor.

Brussels Sprouts

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Well, well, well… look what food’s become the big ticket item in hip gastropubs these days, the food that was steamy, bland nonsense back in the day. This is a food that sincerely, wholly depends on who’s at the kitchen’s helm. It could either be crispy Heaven or boiled Hell.


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A loaf of meat? Incredible. A loaf of meat? Gross. Yes, this truly drove a wedge between families, as some would consider it a mysterious piece of meat combo that could get you insanely sick or a wonderful combination of all things savory.

Banana Pudding

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A relic leftover from the era when suburbia exploded, this recipe features a crazy amount of cream (just as a lot of things did back then). Not everyone was into that as youths. In fact, some kids hate biting into such floofy nonsense, only to get a bite of a Nilla Wafer, which wasn’t exactly Oreo. But then there were those who adored banana pudding. It was unique! It was carefree sugary mania! It tasted like a season that didn’t exist! In short, it was paradise found.


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This one definitely carries over into adulthood, with some of the kids who hated mushrooms turning into fungi lovers. Growing up, this could make or break pizza. They could be tolerated or savored in soups. It was sibling against sibling, spouse against spouse; rare was it for an entire household to agree if mushrooms were good.

Goat Cheese

When it comes to tang, goat cheese would basically slap around your tastebuds. You were just trying to enjoy your pizza, sandwich, or what have you, and in came this flavor that was super tangy aggressive and entirely without chill. But for others, it was such a weird, unique flavor you couldn’t help but love it. Goat cheese took otherwise predictable meals and gave them a tangy, cheesy twist. It was always just the right amount too, so it never got to be too wild.

Black Licorice

To you, this was either a lie posing as candy or a very unique sweet treat that not enough folk appreciated. Some argued it was for old people; some argued that most people’s mouths are just broken. It was either a pungent funk or a pleasant surprise. No one will ever agree and we’ll fight about black licorice until we’re all dead.


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These remain insanely divisive, but everything was magnified when we were kids. For the most part, these were too weird to add to anything and even stranger to add little fish to the most sacred of all kid’s meals — pizza. But to those craving salty meat, what delivered like anchovies? Plus, they always came in a bunch, so it felt like a relentlessly giving snack.

Nilla Wafers

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These always seemed like adult cookies, like the kind of sweets people who never lived enjoyed. They’d eat these for some reason, even though ice cream sundaes and every kind of candy bar existed. But, on the other hand, these were still cookies and cookies are chill and can always be dunked in milk and make your day right.


Ah yes, the coconut wars of our youth, where it could ruin Halloween or save a birthday cake. If you were anti, you’d take a bite of something and a slow realization would sweep over you as you spit out everything in your mouth. It wasn’t ever sudden. If you were pro, then you licked your lips and would accidentally eat, like, five helpings of anything with coconut. That was like consuming summer and feeling the sunshine course through you.

Blue Cheese

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Sure, the idea of eating moldy cheese outright sounded unappetizing for some (insane even), but for others, blue cheese brought with it a pure, scrumptious, wild tang. There was no taming it and no one who loved it would’ve want to anyway. But the naysayers wouldn’t come near it.


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Not everyone loved the jiggly sensation of whatever alien life form Jell-O counted as. Some found it unnerving at best and just a waste of time and energy otherwise. And yet, the other half of youngins were crazy all about it. Any flavor ruled; all of it was good. Somehow it felt like a health food you could play with?

Cream of Literally Anything Soup

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You’re born with the cream-of-soup gene or you aren’t. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. What may feel like eating soapy sewage to one individual may seem like devouring a warm sweater for your stomach on a cold day. And so on and so on.


This one can be blamed on simple science. According to SciShow, for an estimated 4-14% of the population, cilantro can taste like soap, due to a group of olfactory-receptor genes called OR6A2. It picks up on aldehyde chemicals, which are found in both cilantro and soap. However, to everyone else, cilantro is an amazing addition to anything from tacos to soups to pastas and it should be celebrated accordingly.


With strange foods, polarizing opinions seemed inevitable. But a raging debate over bananas never made sense to me, and yet I saw it happen time and time again in my youth. I would watch someone bite into the long, yellow fruit like a monster and laugh about how good it was and then I’d behold a livid other person wanting to watch a world of banana-lovers burn to the ground. One day, there will be a war. Which side will you be on?


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Fast Food

Miss Alabama and Carl’s Jr.’s Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger Are Like, The Hottest Thing Ever


Don’t you hate it when you’re watching a football game and you catch a really hot lady in the bleachers taking all her clothes off and eating a giant hamburger?

Yeah, we didn’t think so.

If you haven’t heard of former Miss Alabama Katherine Webb, just know her claim to fame came after she was spotted by a sports telecaster at a football game, who simply couldn’t get over how pretty she was. You could ask which game and who won, but we’d bet the poor guy probably doesn’t remember anymore. Ah, journalism at its finest.

Now, Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s latest hottie-fueled ad for its new Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger features Miss Webb in a re-enactment of this kinda-famous scene, only with more spotlights and more Frank’s Red Hot. The burger itself includes a charbroiled beef patty drizzled in Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wings Sauce and topped with Swiss cheese and blue cheese crumbles, and is available starting at $2.89 for the single. There’s also Buffalo Chicken Tenders, available only at Hardee’s, and Buffalo Blue Cheese Crisscut Fries, available only at Carl’s Jr.

You can catch the live commercial on television this week, but check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look, including some very tasty buffalo sauce/thigh porn. Hey, it’s still better than looking at Harley’s less-than-precious mug.

Packaged Food

Blue Cheese Lollipops, For Grown-Up Sweet Tooths


I don’t know about you, but I outgrew your standard lollipop flavors back in my middle school days. Wild cherry? Meh. Grape? What am I, six? Strawberry? Pass.

So, what’s a grown-up sugarholic to do?

Upgrade with this Blue Cheese Lollipop, brought you by the same people behind the Sriracha lollipop. The creators call this flavor “the mind-blowingest” of all their bizarre combinations, which is already saying something. They also say it started out as a joke, until someone realized it’s kind of the norm for fancy restaurants to mix sharp blue cheeses and sweet flavors, like honey.

So, basically, you should buy a box, and impress/weird out all your friends.

Box of four, $10 @Lollyphile

H/T That’s Nerdalicious + PicThx Lollyphile

Fast Food

Hate It or Love It: New Carl’s Jr. Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger


You either hate or love blue cheese. There’s no in between here, no “I like it with sandwiches but never by itself.” You either revel in the pungent stank of its unique mold or get queasy upon first whiff. For those of you in the former, good news: Carl’s Jr. is piling on this peculiar fromage on their new Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger starting August 21.

The Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger brings together the tangy flavor of hot wings with the cool, sharp taste of blue cheese. The burger features a charbroiled beef patty slathered in Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wings Sauce, Swiss cheese, and melted blue cheese crumbles. The new item is currently available at Hardee’s restaurants, along with new Buffalo Chicken Tenders doused in the same Red Hot Sauce.

Frankly, this blue cheese-lovin’ burger sounds like a stinky, luscious hotmess dripping over a slab of juicy meat. If you’re still not convinced, then, shoot — you’re missing out kid.


Fast Food

Ruby Tuesday’s New Pretzel Bun Burgers are the ‘Sexiest’ By Far


Why the pretzel boner, restaurant industry? More importantly, why the pretzel boner for pretzel buns that don’t look or taste anything like pretzels?

If you’re going to make a pretzel bun burger, that thing had better be twisted and salted and dipped in hot cheese. Okay, so maybe you don’t have to dip it, but I’d at least like the option of tearing off those nubby end pieces whenever I damn well please.

Luckily, Ruby Tuesday seems to get it right with its line of four new pretzel bun burgers, available August 12, starting at $8.99.


Spicy Jalapeno, Bacon Cheese, Portabella Crispy Onion and Black and Blue [Cheese] Bacon are our options du jour, each set of fillings wedged between a lame, normal pretzel bottom bun and a tricked out pretzel top bun that looks uniquely pretzel-y. The whole set comes along with a silly porny ad campaign, describing how “hot” and “thick” and “satisfying” each burger is and even asking customers to check out the “fun between the buns” in an odd, unnecessarily censored commercial.

You can head to for a $3 off coupon, just make sure not to mistype or try it on a public computer with a spotty internet connection, or that’d just be awkward for everyone.

PicThx Ruby Tuesday


Nectarine Pizza

Some of the bigger name pizza chains might have some new brainstorming sessions with the spread of this interesting Nectarine Pizza. This baby doesn’t only have Nectarines on it, but it also has caramelized red onions and blue cheese in the mix! The combination of fresh fruit and the rest of the pizza’s savory options definitely looks refreshing! (Thx HealthyFoodForLiving)


Roswell Alien Burger

Don’t get it twisted with those aliens from the War of the Worlds, this burger just embodies some alien tendencies…the patty is mixed with chopped jalapeno, onion and fresh parsley, topped with blue cheese and bacon. What’s holding this sandwich together? Wait for it….a flying saucer bun. What’s the alien got to hide? Look at that giant blue cheese stuffed olive sitting in the heart of the meat patty. Aliens scare me, but I’m hungry still.