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A Donut Shop Is Serving Up ‘Blue Balls’ For Valentine’s Day

Most food joints are creating heart-shaped, bright pink, or other love-themed creations to celebrate Valentine’s Day. One donut shop, however, is defying the norms and banking on innuendos for one of their V-Day specials: Blue Balls.

Psycho Donuts in California’s South San Francisco Bay Area is offering up the unique donuts, which are sky blue, filled with a creamy custard, and topped with icing sugar. I don’t know much about risque references, but according to our managing editor Reach Guinto, the entire creation, from the filling to the topping, fits what it means to be “blue-balled” perfectly.

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These donuts have been made specifically for people spending Valentine’s Day alone, but honestly, anybody with their heads in the gutter will get a good laugh out of eating these. Although if you do think of these cream-filled donut holes as actual balls, they do sound a little less appealing.

Psycho Donuts will be offering the Blue Balls through at least Valentine’s Day at their Campbell and Santa Clara, CA locations.