Fast Food

KFC Releases BLT Chicken Quadwrap in the UK


“Healthy” food logic can be a funny thing. We trade our regular sodas for diet and pretend using tortillas instead of burger buns somehow negates the deep-fried meat patties we put inside.

In the UK, KFC is offering a new chicken BLT “Quadwrap,” which is basically a toasted square quesadilla stuffed with two fried chicken patties, cheese, club sauce, and BLT stuff, cut in two triangular halves. Presumably the wrap provides an easier grip than might regular sandwich buns (no awkward uneven bun shrinkage either), but it’s still funny to think some folks might still prefer this as a lighter alternative to, say, a drumstick or Chicken Little.

Honey, when not even fast food grilled chicken is good for you, you really might as well go with the Double Down.

H/T Brand Eating