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Relax, The Red Liquid In Your Steak Isn’t Actually Blood

Have you ever walked down the meat aisle and notice all the different cuts of beef swimming in a bright red liquid? Off the cuff, you might think it’s blood. It’s crimson, seeping from raw meat, so it stands to reason that it has to be blood right? Well, it turns out, it’s not blood at all.

Tech Insider’s latest video sheds some light onto the mysterious red liquid that encompasses packaged meat.

When meat is transported from distributor to the seller, it’s typically frozen to ensure it makes it to the destination without going bad. The red liquid is actually a combination of thawed water and myoglobin mixing together in the thawing process.

Myoglobin is a chemical protein found in the beef’s muscles, and is essentially what gives meat its red color. Because the ice crystals rupture muscle cells, they carry some myoglobin along during the thawing process.

Another contributing factor to the reddish liquid that wasn’t shown in the video, is that some meats are given an injection of saltwater in a process known as “plumping” that’s supposed to make for juicier cuts of meat.

So the next time you fire up the grill, and your steak is sitting there in a pool of red liquid, you now know that it’s not blood.

Hit-Or-Miss Video

This Idiot Drills Away His Two Front Teeth Eating A Cob Of Corn

Another unfortunate event comes out of the Rotating Corn Challenge this week, and I actually feel bad for the guy. 

Our parents taught us not to play with power tools for a pretty good reason, and now we have people out there putting cobs of corn on them, then into their mouth. Lets not forget that there’s a possibility of the drill bit actually hitting your teeth, mouth or face, and doing some serious damage. 

The full video is quite graphic, so viewer beware. It involves a lot of blood and a massive meltdown once he realizes what he just did.

Buh-bye two front teeth, hellooo massive dental bill! (and maybe even an ER visit with that much blood and any other damage the power tool did) 

My question is: What do you think is going to happen when you put something on a POWER DRILL that’s spinning that fast up against your teeth? This is one of the scariest challenges I’ve seen yet, and would prefer not to see any other people get hurt because they tried to eat something off of a power tool.

There could be a trick to it, like being sure to cook the corn so its softer, or not holding down the drill trigger all the way… or maybe you just need gums of steel. The cob definitely gained some speed wobbles too, so maybe the side to side motion combined with the ultra fast spinning is what popped his two teeth out so fast. 

I’m probably not going to try it to find out, and we are not condoning this nonsense.

People are definitely doing it successfully, unlike this girl who lost half her head of hair a few months back trying to complete the mindless challenge:

Photo Credit: Dentistry Forum


Bloody Broken-Glass Cupcakes


Recipe Kitchen Mason


Man Stabbed at Supermarket, Customers Step Over Blood for Milk


A supermarket spill isn’t that big of a deal when you’re rushing to get your groceries. One either maneuvers around it or goes full-steam through the puddle. Shoppers at a Pathmark in Philadelphia definitely noticed a red pool of liquid in their local dairy aisle. They just didn’t seem to care what it was.

Sure a pool of red isn’t the most farfetched thing to picture at your local supermarket. I mean, spills happen all the time, right? In this instance, however, the puddle was human blood.

Two men had gotten into a dispute earlier at the Pathmark, leading one of them to pull out a kitchen knife and stab the other. Police found the knife in the store and arrested a suspect. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital where he was in critical, but stable, condition.

Throughout the incident, customers walked right over or through the pool of blood and continued with their shopping. According to WTXF, folks asked the police if they could reach over the blood so they could get to the dairy products in the refrigerated cases.

I mean, it’s right there. Why not?

H/T Consumerist



Au Naturale Hack: Blood Can Act as a Substitute for Eggs


For anyone wondering if there was anything that would work as an acceptable substitute for eggs, wonder no more. The next time you’re making waffles and you’re fresh out of those cluckers, you can swap it with some regular ol’ blood. Who would have thought the option has been under our noses all along. More specifically, under our skin.

According to Organic Authority, eggs and blood are similar in protein composition. One trait in particular, are the albumin that are responsible for both coagulant properties. Officially, the ratio of egg to blood used in cooking are as follows: one egg is the equivalent to 65g of blood and one egg white is 43 grams.

The Nordic Food Lab, as reported by Organic Authority, has tested this method creating dishes like sourdough-blood pancakes, blood ice cream, blood meringues and blood sponge cake. I recently tried blood gravy for the first time in my life and if the texture and taste is anything similar, I’m not upset about it at all.

Just a note, they’re using pig’s blood as a tester for these recipes. No scientists were harmed in the making of blood ice cream.



The New Argument for Drinking Panda Blood: Antibiotic Superpowers

So what do you do with an endangered giant panda population that’s really difficult and really expensive to conserve, let alone increase? Drink their blood for the health benefits, of course!

Well, maybe not drink exactly. According to the Telegraph, scientists have discovered the bears produce a powerful antibiotic compound in their blood — cathelicidin-AM — which could be used to create potent new treatments against drug-resistant superbugs. Luckily, the compound has been successfully synthesized in the lab, so no panda blood-letting or mass-sacrifice will be necessary for its continued research — though the discovery will hopefully garner enough attention to ensure continued panda conservation efforts, as the study was probably intended to do, considering cathelicidin has been studied for years and is actually produced in the blood of many mammals, including ours.

Or we could take HANKHILL’s advice, provided on Newser after he discovered how powerful panda blood could be against curing illness:

Can you say Panda Express, Paleo-Style?

H/T Telegraph + Picthnx George Lu


Human Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion

If you have a taste for human blood but killing humans just isn’t your cup of tea, after all it does get kinda messy…Mana and Health Energy Potions is proud to quench your thirst with their human blood potion. And it’s better than normal blood! Universal Type D for delicious, it’s packed with 80 mg of caffeine and packs a fruit punch flavor. It’s also the same consistency as real blood and comes in cool re-sealable transfusion style pouches. It’s great for “the undead that needs a little pick me up.” ($4.99 – $15.99 @ thinkgeek)



Fortune Cookie Bandages

It’s like dessert for your injuries. Always keep your scratches sweet as candy with these Fortune Cookie Bandages. Urban Outfitters offers up a unique way to cover your boo-boos by telling the truth about your life, while protecting your cut. (Thx IncredibleThings)