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Canadian Foodie Goes on Blind Dates to Score Free Food, Then Blogs About It


Good news, food-loving sociopaths. It turns out it’s completely possible to leverage your good looks and not-so-winning personality to nab yourself a free meal. Just take it from Erin Wotherspoon, the 24-year-old Toronto actress who’s been working her way down a 48-restaurant hit list simply by 1) pretending to be Jewish, 2) dating recent ex-pats, and 3) presumably, fake-laughing at all of her dates’ awful jokes.

Her tumblr’s called A Penniless Girl, Bad Dates & Plenty of Oysters, and judging by the archive, Wotherspoon’s been doing this since August — tricking guys into taking her to all her foodie bucket list restaurants and then never calling them again. It’s not all about man-killing though. As Wotherspoon writes, “This just in, sometimes women don’t have the best intentions. […] This girl is looking for love in her lobster roll, not your academic achievements…”


In other words, biddie’s just looking for a good meal.

The blog also features some dating highlights courtesy of a few of her more promising suitors, including one guy who admits he doesn’t know what she looks like, and another who calls himself “Mr. Wonderful.” You almost can’t blame her for not calling.



Unfortunately for her, not everyone sympathizes. The good citizens of Reddit have recently made Wotherspoon internet famous, calling her everything from “sociopathic” to “bigoted” to, nicely enough, worth the “$20.” Recent posts indicate she has no intention of stopping, however, and some even muse about her scoring “richer guys” now thanks to her newfound infamy.

What about you, loyal Foodbeasts? Is Wotherspoon’s work that of a heartless (albeit well-fed) sociopath, or is she actually kind of genius?

(Full disclosure: Goodness knows I wish I’d thought of it first.)


Tumblr Spotlight: Are Those Hot Dogs or Legs?


The age-old question of whether or not your legs look like hot dogs has finally been addressed by the Internet.  Are those skinny thighs or turkey franks? Tan and toned gams, or Hebrew Nationals ready for the grill? This is what we must now attempt to answer.

The Tumblr that’s taking the web by storm is called, you guessed it, Hot-Dog Legs, and features an endless scroll of what some call “the worst of all beach selfies.” It’s a pretty genius way of poking fun at biddies on beaches, taking over your Instagram with the classic “legs on a beach” pose. 


There are so many different ways to experience how perfect this is. Casual hot dog legs reading a book? Check.


Hot dogs at the park? Check.


With sunglasses? Check and check.


Some might say this is a great commentary on society, highlighting once more our obsession with weight and beauty. But then again, these are pretty hilarious, and I just think some poor girl stuck inside an air conditioned office might need this to brighten up her day. What do you think of the Hot-Dog Leg takeover? Let us know in the comments!   

PicThx Hot Dog Legs


If Your Blog Were a Beer [INFOGRAPHIC]


Each week, the average American has 4.2 drinks and reads 4.1 blogs, but are you filling your precious after-hours with boring, watered-down light beers or consciously engaging with the more substantial IPAs and Stouts?

It’s no secret the beer and blog markets are over-saturated these days, with every content and craft curator out there clamoring to generate enough hype to capture at least 30 seconds of their audiences’ (or customers’) dwindling attentions. But bear with us when we say this might actually be a good thing, since out of all the hundreds of millions of blogs and over 20,000 different kinds of beer out there, you can actually afford to be a little picky (and thank you, by the way, for choosing to waste your time with us).

Long story short, with a couple of slick metaphors and a nifty infographic, you can learn to tailor your blog reading and/or writing experience the way you choose your beers. (Hint: Coronas are the perfect mix of “makes you think” and “lets you relax,” but hoppy, punchy IPAs are where the fun really starts.)



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