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You Can Buy A Giant Ring Pop The Size Of Your Fist At Walmart

The holiday season is quickly approaching and once we pass Thanksgiving, we’re going to be sweating to figure out what to gift our loved ones.

For those with an eternal sweet tooth, perhaps the move is a Ring Pop.

No, not the everyday one that you can pick up at any convenience store. We’re talking about one that’s the size of your fist.

Bazooka Candy Brands has just released a Sweet Strawberry Giant Ring Pop that weighs in at about 700 grams of pure candy.

For context, the massive candy ring comes out to about 47 servings in a single 24.7 ounce package.

It’s essentially a brick of pure sugar in the most baller vessel imaginable. Kind of a perfect gift for anyone with an appreciation for the sweeter side of life.

You can find the Giant Ring Pop at participating Walmart, Cracker Barrel, IT’SUGAR and Dylan’s Candy Bar locations.

Packaged Food

Candy Grillz Comes in Watermelon and Sour Apple Flavors

Grillz Candy

When I was younger (read: last week), I’d create homemade grillz with aluminum foil by molding a strip to my teeth. This was due to that fact that I couldn’t afford the real deal or silver varieties. Assuming a majority of you are in the same boat (no sweet diamond-crusted mouthpiece for us), there’s a tastier version in the form of Grillz Candy.

Grillz Candy

Pop one of these suckers in, and you get a two-for-one deal — an impressively glittery smile and a lollipop that comes in watermelon, strawberry, peach and sour apple flavors. At $4 a pop, this bling is something even Nelly would envy! Maybe.

Candy Grillz, $4 @Fred Flare

Picthx Fred Flare