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Man Makes Nashville Hot Chicken Blindfolded With Some Scorching Results


Making your own fried chicken at home is one of the most comforting meals you can produce. But can we make it Nashville Hot style while blindfolded?

Foodbeast Chris attempted the hard-mode cooking challenge as part of a Kitchen League mini game. Kitchen League is Foodbeast’s monthly competitive cooking show on Twitch where the audience gets to sabotage the chefs live.

When competitions aren’t streaming, members of the Foodbeast team will hop on and cook while plagued with various sabotages like time crunches, cooking while blindfolded, and other obstacles. It’s a chance to practice these sabotages that chefs will face throughout the competition, going through them one at a time to understand where problems can occur.

Chris is actually one of the judges on Kitchen League, so going in on Kitchen League Minigames like this helps him understand what the chefs go through during their cooking time.

Chris did have fellow Foodbeast Elie acting as a guide over video chat to make sure he didn’t burn or injure himself, but getting everything else done correctly was up to Chris.

This included loading up the fried chicken into the deep fryer…

Coating it in the Nashville hot oil…

… and even seasoning it while relying on kitchen awareness and Elie’s instructions.

While there were some struggles with holding the chicken after it was fried, as well as attempting to coat the chicken with oil and seasoning, Chris emerged unscathed,  with a triumphant platter of glistening, fiery Nashville Hot Chicken in hand. He managed to complete the challenge in just under 2 hours, a remarkable feat while not having any sight to work with.

The hardest part of it to Chris, outside of cutting chicken and dropping into scalding hot oil, was trying to not get any of the fiery spice caught in his throat while trying to cook. As he found out tasting it at the end, the chicken’s heat catches up with you fast.

You can view parts of the challenge through the clips posted throughout this post, and the full stream is available on Foodbeast’s Twitch page. The next challenge, on Thursday, May 14th at 2 PM PST, will be Foodbeast Costa (that’s me) attempting to make sushi one-handed, so stay tuned to see how that turns out.

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We Asked A Chef To Cook A Full Meal Blindfolded, Here’s What Happened [WATCH]


Photos by Christian Bourdeau

Cooking is an art, and a good chef can do it in his sleep.

To prove this, we blindfolded local Orange County chef Aron Habinger to see how he fared in putting together a meal without use of his sight. Food delivery service Blue Apron sent us a box of recipes, and ingredients that coincided with those recipes, as Chef Aron tried to cook a Summer Pepper and Potato Shakshuka on-the-spot, and blind.

Peep the Facebook livestream below:

We didn’t even tell the chef what he was cooking, we just handed him ingredients, kind of guided him a bit, and let him do his thing.

As you’d imagine, a lot of chopping was involved, and every time the knife hit the chopping board, we winced, expecting the worst for Aron’s fingers.


Also good to note, Chef Aron usually knocks back a couple brewskies when we ask him to cook, but this time there was no way he was going to wield that knife, blindfolded and under the influence.

Toward the end, there was another “Oh no” moment when Aron reached into the oven, but luckily, no third-degree burns came about.

The dish actually came out pretty lit.

Sure, it took an hour to make a 15-minute recipe, but it got done and came out appetizing, even without Aron seeing anything he was doing.

Maybe next time we’ll ask him to try it in his sleep. That’s the obvious next step, but until then, check out our Foodbeast hookup to get three Blue Apron meals delivered to you for free on your first order.