‘Blind Side’ Director to Helm McDonald’s Origin Film

In case you needed another movie about a CEO’s rise to megalomania (read: The Social Network or either Steve Jobs movie), you can soon find out how McDonald’s got so damn popular.

John Lee Hancock, known for writing and directing The Blind Side, is in talks to direct an origin story about the founder of McDonald’s…called The Founder.

Hopefully, the title gets more imaginative between now and its release.

The film, written by Robert Siegel (The Wrestler), covers Ray Kroc usurping the actual McDonald brothers from their small burger company in 1950s Southern California.

Despite learning that McDonald’s as we know it grew out of some creative backstabbing, it should be interesting to see how the film portrays the fast food giant in a simpler time.

At the very least, it couldn’t be worse than X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

H/t The Hollywood Reporter