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A Couple in Their Late 70’s Opens Their First Restaurant, Proves It’s Never Too Late to Start a Passion Project

Dwelling on a ‘what if’ is never a fun feeling, as missed opportunities are rarely ones we get a second chance on. So it’s always encouraging to see others fulfill a dream, no matter what age or stage in life they’re at. Kelvin and Amy, a Brooklyn, New York couple in their late 70’s, made sure to act on their dreams of establishing a restaurant by recently opening, Blessing, a Taiwanese spot in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn.

According to the Instagram post above from @far___near, Blessing’s menu consists of all the Taiwanese dishes that Kelvin and Amy love to cook, even including off-menu items. The couple are the only ones working at the restaurant, since they can’t afford to hire help right now, so if there’s some kind locals with some free time that end up reading this, perhaps lending them a helping hand is a crucial way to support a local mom & pop joint.

Blessing has a sign outside that advertises serving Asian tapas, dim sum, sushi, boba, and vegan, with plans to serve shaved ice during the summer and also cater to small parties. Kelvin and Amy’s ambition here is indisputable, so pulling up for a meal to show your support is a perfect way to respect their hustle and passion.

Photo: @far___near