This Giant Pizza Beach Towel Will Keep You Dry and Onlookers Wet


When spending a day at the beach, one of the slightly minor annoyances is having to look for your towel spot after wandering too far away. So imagine if all you have to look for is a giant pepperoni pizza.

Pizza Towels has released a new beach variant for fans to enjoy. The new 4 foot, 11-inch beach and bath towel is pretty much a giant replica of a pizza. Made with a customized pepperoni print, the oversized circular towel will definitely turn a few heads when you’re at the beach.

If a giant pizza towel doesn’t sound awesome enough, the entire thing arrives in a pizza box.

The towel is available at Pizza Towels for $50. Definitely makes for a great gift.


Good Enough to Eat: Wrap Your Baby in a Tortilla Swaddle Blankie

Baby Tortilla

Though I’m no parent, I’m sure a major concern during the winter season is making sure your baby is warm enough. So what better way to do that foodie style than to wrap your infant up in a tortilla to keep the heat. After all, no one likes a cold burrito.

Made with 50% polymer and 50% cotton, the 40-inch swaddle comes with a matching knot hat. So definitely not edible. The swaddle and hat combo comes in “flour” color. It even comes in a bag similar to the tortilla packages they sell in stores, complete with a 4-step recipe on how to wrap your burrito baby. Just made sure to hold the rice and beans.

Tortilla Baby Swaddle Blanket & Knot Hat,$48 @Bon Vivant Baby


Yes, I Would Like to Sleep in a Giant Croissant – Thanks Japan!


Sometimes I wonder how journalism works in Japan. In J-school (the first J), you’re taught each story has to answer the five basic W’s: who, what, when, where and why, but after a while, isn’t it easier to stop asking and simply understand it’s “because Japan, that’s why”?


Japanese mail order company Felissimo is currently selling sleeping bags that look like bread and pastries and omelets for reasons probably having to do with Japan’s obvious obsession with cute things and less to do with a latent national desire to transform into desserts (we’re guessing).


Guaranteed to envelop you in a “feeling of happiness and fluffy,” these sleeping breads come in four different varieties, from toast pillows with red “jam” blankets to a swirly cornet sleeping bag with a brown “chocolate” blanket.

The entire four-piece collection is now available from Felissimo for ¥16,000 ($162).

Now if only they came out with a “Cronut” edition.

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi