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The Halal Guys Confirms New Burrito Nationwide, And Secret Menu

The Halal Guys grew their legend slanging delicious meal platters built for easy consumption on the go. Piles of chicken and gyro meat, falafel, rice, dabs of red sauce, waterfalls of white sauce — all are part of the delicious hype. The popularity of this cart-turned restaurant chain cannot go unnoticed, and their latest menu addition proves their prominence on the list of Top 10 Fast Food Game Changers for 2019 (link: restaurant game changers).

Keeping in their habit of serving iconic street food, The Halal Guys have confirmed that they will now be serving burritos filled with their beloved rice platter ingredients. Additionally, they’ve unveiled a new, creamy, luscious cheese sauce that’s blended with their famous white sauce. It’s a big move for the chain, but they’ve shown in the past how nimble their model can be with new offerings that continuously capitalize on trends or simply recognize the tastes and wants of their customers.

We got our hands on these new burritos and instinctively ordered an extra side of that new sauce because we had to experience its velvety high. Dunking this burrito all up in it? It would be criminal not to. All of your favorite choices, whether it be chicken, gyro meat or falafel, can be stuffed into this burrito, so trust the platter essence remains true regardless of the vessel.

Feeling a little more hungry than usual? The Halal Guys has verified the ability to order the burrito as secret menu item that’s double the size — and it’s all thanks to the viral creator of “The Blake Diet,” Blake Horton AKA @blake_201 on Instagram. Horton is known for creating and eating massive meals, with portions built for competitive eaters, rather than any normal human, to promote the intermittent fasting diet. The Halal Guys contacted him for the release of their new burrito, which now birthed a version that’s, as Horton put it, “Twice the size, twice the nutrients, twice the gains.” Pretty much think of it as two burritos in one.

So if you’re up to the task of taking down one of these behemoths, make sure to request your burrito be “Blake-sized” and The Halal Guys will serve you up a meal that would make Blake himself nod in approval. 

Created in partnership with The Halal Guys

Health Hit-Or-Miss Recipes

How To Make A Giant Cake-Sized Pop Tart

Forget everything you thought you knew about your regular, puny Pop Tarts and get on board with these Hulk-sized versions.

Fitness blogger Blake Horton, aka @blake_201, made a couple of giant Pop-Tarts, and documented his process through this almost unbelievable video.

Using, of all things, Pillsbury PIZZA crust as the foundation, Blake rolled two crusts over a couple of baking pans and got to work.

He spread a whole container of Just Great Stuff Organic Powdered Chocolate Peanut Butter over the crust, then topped them with 1 pound of strawberries on each Pop-Tart.

Next, he laid down a pizza crust dome to complete the doughiness of the pastry, then stuck it in the oven at 425 degrees, just keeping an eye on it until the crust was golden brown.

After it was done baking, he spread some cream cheese over the top, giving it the classic Pop-Tart frosted look, and finished it off with some sprinkles.

The two Pop-Tarts, plus some light almond milk, totaled 5,115 calories.

Blake is no joke when it comes to his epic meal times, he only eats once a day and makes it count, as evident by these gargantuan Pop Tarts. He makes sure that each of his insane looking daily meals meet his nutritional requirement of calories, carbs, and protein. Horton then works out like crazy to keep his shredded physique.

I wish I could eat huge ass Pop Tarts and look that fit, but for now I’ll just be happy that a regular package doesn’t cause me to breathe heavily, and call it a moral victory.