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Dude Tries Forcing Pizza Girl To Send Nudes, Gets Brutally ‘Owned’

Delivering pizza sounds pretty stressful, and that’s probably compounded if you’re a woman delivery driver.

Some creep got hold of a Papa John’s delivery girl’s phone number, tried blackmailing her into sending photos of herself, and promptly got shut up by the girl.

Imgur user “dogdogbarkitybark” posted a text message conversation between the two, titling it, “I love being a delivery girl.”

The conversation was immediately awkward, as the guy’s first text was, “Hey babe.” Then it continued to get progressively more creepy, as the dude started proclaiming that she was “wet,” among other things.


Apparently, the creep got her number because he wasn’t home during the delivery, and she was forced to call him.

The girl eventually shut him down after the guy tried pulling some stupid line about being worried for her since there was an apparent tornado warning. She responded with, “Then don’t order pizza when there’s a tornado warning next time, you dumb cunt.”

After she said that, he threatened to report her if she didn’t send him pictures of herself, to where she literally sent him the definition of blackmail, and how it’s a criminal offense.


The fuccboi never responded back, as he probably rubbed one out and got over himself.

The girl later said in the post that the she was ultimately upset that she knew the guy was taking photos of her while she was leaning forward to get into her car.

Although it sucks that she had to go trough that in the first place, at least she shut his ass down.

Check out the whole exchange below:

I love being a delivery girl


Bravest Bistro Ever Pays Customers To Write Hilariously Negative Yelp Reviews


Botto Bistro to the Goblin King of the restaurant world AKA Yelp: “You have no power over me.”

Since it first launched back in 2004, Yelp has grown into something of a tyrannical behemoth in the food world — even being granted legal permission earlier this month to manipulate reviews for money. Because business or something.

Still, not everyone is so willing to cower before the review site’s supposed “might.” In an effort to undermine the reliability of its Yelp listing, the Botto Bistro Italian restaurant in Richmond, Calif. has actually started offering customers discounts for writing negative reviews.

According to Inside Scoop SF, the five-year old establishment is on “a mission to the the worst-rated restaurant in the Bay Area.” Owners Davide Cerretini and Michele Massimo hope to prove that bad Yelp reviews won’t impact their business, nor that of “any other successful restaurant.”

The results of the tongue-in-cheek campaign have proven to be at worst confusing, and at best, utterly brilliant. Loyal and amused customers have brought their witticisms by the truckload, docking the restaurant stars for food that tastes too good, waiters that serve too well, and experiences that remind them way too much of Italy.










The clever stunt has not gone entirely unnoticed by Yelp’s legal team though, which, kind of ironically, recently reached out to the Bistro for “offering incentives” in exchange for reviews. The cease and desist letter read:

To be clear, this violates our Terms of Service (, and reviews written under such circumstances violate Yelp’s Content Guidelines ( We also often find from user feedback that such practices do more harm than good, as the practice creates distrust amongst customers and users who now eye all reviews on a listing with suspicion.”

Pardon us if we respond with a big ol’ EL-oh-F*CKING-EL.