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IHOP Waiter Takes Down Robber, Gets Hit In Face With Crowbar [WATCH]

While it might not make sense to the rest of us, some people just have it in them to try and be a hero, even if it puts them in danger. Elijah Arnold of San Antonio, TX has that type of hero mentality, and put it on display as he took down an alleged robber at a local IHOP.

Arnold was a waiter at a local IHOP when he saw the man getting into the register to take money. The quick thinking employee sprinted toward the thief, tackled him and didn’t let him get away, even after getting hit in the face with a crowbar, according to KENS 5 News.

Surveillance footage showed the whole thing going down, as you can see everything short of the crowbar to Arnold’s face.

It might have been a little unnecessary to put his life in danger for a few dollars, especially since they weren’t coming out of his pocket, but he felt he owed it to IHOP, who reportedly gave him a second chance at life after he was homeless.

Arnold said he was a “3rd-degree black belt in mixed martial arts,” but none of that training seemed to be on display during the altercation. He did stop the alleged robber, but it just would have been cool to see a choke hold or knock out blow, for the sake of combat sports.