Fast Food

Return of the Black Angus Steak Sub at Quizno’s

Back by popular demand, Quizno’s Subs has brought back their Black Angus Steak Sub. For a limited-time only, the sub will feature thick-sliced Black Angus steak, aged cheddar, mozzarella, sauteed mushrooms and onions, and a combination of their signature Honey Bourbon Mustard and Zesty Grille Sauce, all between your choice of their Artisan Breads (pictured is their Rosemary Parmesan). A regular sub runs for $6.49 and has 752 calories and 24 grams of fat.


Lobster Surf and Turf Burger

A special, rather uppity burger version of the “Surf and Turf” idea. We’re looking at a Black Angus burger topped with a grilled half lobster on a bed of grilled asparagus. Juicy lobster meat on top of juicy beef, sounds like a match made in heaven. This sucker comes straight from our friend Nick‘s dinner at the Burger Bar in Las Vegas‘ Mandalay Bay hotel.

Adventures Cravings

Adventure: Spike’s Junkyard Dogs (Boston, Mass.)

There are a lot of great things in the world named Spike. Rugrat’s main character, Tommy Pickles’s dog was fittingly named “Spike”. The infamous mens television network, “Spike TV” alongside famous film directors: Spike Lee and Spike Jonze. There are many other people/characters you might known that could be on this list, but I found a restaurant that should fit in nicely. My friends and I visited Spike’s Junkyard Dogs in Boston which lived up to its predecessors prestige. Check it out as we explore this junkyard full of burgers, chicken and hot dogs!


Black Angus Steakhouse Operator's Chapter 11

It wasn’t too long ago that we heard Black Angus was ridding of some of their lunch options in order to save operating costs. As of January 15th though, ARG Enterprises Inc., the operator of 69 Black Angus locations in seven western U.S. states sought bankruptcy. Black Angus was founded in Seattle back in 1964 and employs over 3,600 people. The future of Black Angus is unsure, though some undisclosed parties have indicated an interest in ARG’s remaining assets. We will bring more news regarding Black Angus Steakhouse as it becomes available to us. (Thx Bloomberg)


Black Angus: Prime Rib and Seafood Roundup

In the latest installment of Black Angus’ chef features, a slew of new pmeat/seafood combos are now available for your selection: Prime Rib & King Crab, Prime Rib & 10 oz. Lobster Tail, Prime Rib & Fried Shrimp, Prime Rib & Grilled Prawns. Each seletion comes with warm, sweet molasses bread, soup or garden salad, vegetables and your choice of side. I just said Prime Rib like 4 times (now 5)…eat on!