Science Says Drinking Guinness Makes You Bitter


Next time you and your friends are our for a pint, maybe hold off on the dark stout.  As tempting as it might be in this wintry weather, scientists have recently released a study suggesting that stout beer, Guinness in particular, might make you bitter. The study links tart and bitter tastes with, you guessed it, a tart and bitter mind.

When consumed in “delicate situations,” bitter drinks might lead people to “voicing thoughts they’ll later regret.”  The study asked people to rate certain scenarios on how morally questionable they were.  Those with bitter drinks were much harsher on the subject of each scenario.

Other drinks that might have this effect are gin and tonics, which means I need to find replacements for two of my favorite drinks. I’m pretty bitter about it.

H/T Daily Mail + Picthx The Pub Scout