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This Dude’s Version Of Bite-Sized Jalapeño Poppers Is LIT

We’re huge fans of jalapeño poppers. Any incarnation of those cheesy, deep-fried wedges of heat we can get our hands on, we’re more than happy to pop into our mouths. Big Tym, also known as the infamous Tym Bussanich, created a miniature version of the iconic appetizer.

Bite size jalapeño poppers!!!

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Taking fresh jalapeños, he slices them up and neatly smears cream cheese into the now hollow pepper. The pieces are then breaded and submerged into white-hot oil. As it resurfaces, it’s reborn as a delicious bite-sized snack with a 1 to 1 cheese to heat ratio.

This was a perfect combination when it comes to jalapeño poppers. Check out his video above, for the incredibly straightforward recipe.