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If You Have These Ingredients In Your Cupboard, Come Stress Bake With Us LIVE

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Like a lot of other places, the Foodbeast team has all been working remotely throughout the “shelter in place” orders that have been set. That hasn’t stopped us from creating the food content we love, especially in our “Foodbeast Kitchen” series on Twitch.

Foodbeast Kitchen League judge, Chris Abouabdo, has decided to jump on this week for a “Stress Baking” edition that will see fresh bread, biscuits, and more get made live — and we’d love to extend the offer for anyone to come cook and hang with us.

The main focus of the stress baking will be on some biscuit creations. Chris has come up with some Breakfast Biscuit Boats, as well as the recipe for a sweet Oreo Biscuit Bread Pudding that are both simple yet scrumptious. He’ll also be embarking on a longer project to make some fresh bread, a process that requires an overnight slow fermentation.

Below, you can find all of the ingredients Chris will be using throughout this week to make his bread dough, biscuit recipes, and some home fermentation projects he’ll be starting. Those include a hot sauce, French fries we’ll make from fermented potatoes, and a fruity blueberry base for a potential future barbecue sauce.

Check in on our streams on March 26th (at 2 PM PST) and 27th (at 12 PM PST) on Twitch to see these come to life! As part of the stream, we’ll also be looking at the pantries and fridges of anyone who wants to let us know what they have, and help come up with some dope recipes you guys can make. To chat with us, make sure to head to the Twitch stream and click the “Follow” button.

For those that want to follow along with the stream, we’ll be placing the ingredients list below so you’ll have it on hand. Once the stream is over, we’ll also be posting highlights within this piece that show the process of the biscuits and the bread!

Throughout the coming weeks, we’ll also be keeping track of those home fermentations as we keep streaming food recipes and our competition series, the Foodbeast Kitchen League. Make sure to stay tuned to see when those events are happening!

For now, though, if you want to jump in on the stress baking with us, the full ingredient lists are below:


  • Bread Flour
  • Wheat Flour
  • Yeast
  • Salt


  • Flour
  • Baking Powder
  • Baking Soda
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Butter
  • Buttermilk

Biscuit Boats

  • Frozen hash browns
  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Cheese

Oreo Biscuit Bread Pudding

  • Oreos
  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Eggs
  • Vanilla Extract

Fermenting Shopping List

  • Tomatillos
  • Habaneros
  • Onion
  • Cilantro
  • Potatoes
  • Blueberries
Fast Food Sweets What's New

KFC Just Teamed Up With Cinnabon To Make Cinnamon Roll Biscuits

Normally when you go to KFC, your dessert options are pretty limited. There’s the standard chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies, and maybe there’s a seasonal cake of some kind (like lemon) around. Outside of that, they haven’t innovated much in the dessert space. Until now, that is.

Photo courtesy of KFC

KFC has kickstarted their dessert innovation with a Cinnabon collab. These Cinnabon Biscuits are kind of like a cross between a cinnamon roll and a biscuit, only that the aromatic sugar filling is not rolled into the actual dough. Instead, there’s both a brown sugar cinnamon glaze and a cream cheese frosting drizzled on the outside of these biscuits.

Cinnabon Biscuits mark the first dessert item KFC has introduced in years. The last sweet treat to hit menus was cookies, which became a permanent item back in 2012.

These cinnamon sugar biscuits will be on the menu from April 29th through June 30th, or while supplies last. You’ll get a pack of four with any 10-piece meal or bigger order on the house, but can also purchase individual ones for a buck each or a pack of four for $3.

Opinion Sweets

How To Tell The Difference Between Cookies And Biscuits

Photo: SoDelicious

They’re both tasty treats and snacks, they both have a sweet taste, but what are the things that drive them apart? We strive to know more about food than just write recipes for you. Right now, we’re pitting cookies versus biscuits, trying to find out what makes them tick. 

I came out of writing this article knowing way much more about the cookies versus biscuits dilemma than I ever thought I would know. And it’s so interesting in my book. I started my investigation by reading the dictionary. And here’s what I found out.

Cookies versus biscuits: The semantics

Let’s start with the biscuit. In the United Kingdom, the biscuit is definitely sweet and topped with sweet things, like chocolate or forest fruit. It can be dipped in a cuppa tea and can be had as a snack during the day. In the United States, the biscuit is basically bread: it can be eaten with bacon and eggs on top, as a breakfast, or it can be served as dinner with some chicken on top. The word biscuit comes from the Latin “biscotum panem”, which means bread twice baked.

A British biscuit is crunchy and hard on the tooth. An American biscuit is way closer to what Brits call a scone, but not an American scone because that is something different. Confusing, right?

Try our favorite (American-style) cookies, these M&M chocolate chip cookies. They’re to die for.

All the while, a cookie is just as complicated a concept if you take into account American English and British English. In the UK, a cookie is a soft, squishy, and moist biscuit. But in America, a cookie covers both what Brits call a biscuit and what they call a cookie. The origin of the word is from the Dutch word “koekje”, which means “little cake”.

If I were to summarize, then a British biscuit is an American cookie, an American cookie is a British cookie, and an American biscuit is a British scone. But the American scone is something pretty different. Let’s talk about scones another day.

Cookies versus Biscuits: The Baking War?
An American cookie is basically what British people call a biscuit. Confused yet?

Cookies versus biscuits point on point

1. Texture

The texture of cookies is heavy, rough and crispy, loaded with things such as nuts, raisins, chocolate chips, and oats. Biscuits are softer but crispy and thick. They’re loaded with sugar and butter. They both sound pretty good and I have to say my mouth is watering already.

2. Cooking technique

Both cookies and biscuits are baked products and the technique is not all that different. The main difference is in their ingredients. Cookies are heavier compared to the biscuits, which are sweet baked butter breads.

3. Sweetness and sugar

Cookies are soft and sweet and have a more complex flavor thanks to their toppings: chocolate chips, anyone? Or pieces of nuts, or raisins. The larger quantity of sugar in cookies makes them crispier and also chewy. But of course, that same sugar quantity means they’re less healthy. Biscuits are hard and sweet baked breads with a lower quantity of sugar. Cookies can be stuffed with different creams, while biscuits no so much. The bottom line? Cookies are heavier and denser, while biscuits are lighter and fluffier.

Cookies versus Biscuits: The Baking War?
A British scone is completely different from what Americans call scones.

Since we have you here, how about you learn how to make the best chocolate chip cookies with this handy guide?

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Article by Ruxandra Grecu from So Delicious. View the original article here.

Cravings Culture

Watch Irish People Try American Breakfast For The First Time

Breakfast is arguably hands-down the best meal of the day. Whether choosing something savory and hearty, or something a little on the sweeter side, you can’t go wrong starting your morning with a blissful breakfast dish.

Coffee also helps.

The folks over at Facts rounded up the troops once again, this time to try some inspired American breakfast dishes for the very first time. On the menu for this culinary experience are:  blueberry pancakes, crispy hash made in a breakfast skillet, apple & cinnamon waffles, and biscuits & gravy with sausage.

Our salivary glands are definitely on red alert.

Check out their reactions to these American breakfast menu items. Pretty shocked how much they didn’t enjoy the biscuits and gravy, that’s definitely one of our go-to side dishes.

OK, now what’s for breakfast…

Deals Fast Food

Church’s Creates Chicken Tenders Out Of Honey Biscuits

Church’s Chicken has been a staple in the fried chicken industry for quite some time now. It comes as no surprise that the number of feasible fried chicken dishes they can come up with is limited. With that being said, today is not the day they run out of ideas.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 5.29.49 PM

Starting on Monday, March 28th, Church’s will begin selling their Honey-Butter Biscuit Chicken Tenders. The all-white meat chicken strips will be dipped in Church’s Honey-Butter batter then deep fried, as is tradition.

The entire meal, with 3 tender strips, a biscuit, a drink and some Honey Butter dipping sauce, will come out to roughly $5-$7, depending on your state and any customizations you do to your order. This new chicken flavor will only be available through May 22, 2016.



Photo Credit: PR News Wire, Chew Boom

Packaged Food

Lay’s Crowns A Winner As BISCUITS AND GRAVY Will Become Its Newest Official Flavor


A few months ago, Lay’s announced the finalists for its 2015 “Do Us A Flavor” challenge. The potato chip brand holds an annual competition where fans create their own flavor and the nation votes to see what they enjoy best.

Then, the winning flavor will be sold in stores as the official new Lay’s flavor.

This year’s four finalists were: Southern Biscuits and Gravy, Greektown Gyro, New York Reuben and West Coast Truffle Fries. We got to try them all and there were some pretty heavy hitters in this year’s batch.

Now, Lay’s announced that Southern Biscuits and Gravy has taken home the prize.


Bailey Green, the lucky winner and creator of the flavor, will receive $1 million or 1% of her flavor’s net sales through July 15, 2016. Lay’s says she gets whichever is higher.

The other contestants will also receive a $50,000 consolation prize from Lay’s. Not bad at all.

Fast Food

KFC Japan Offering Pumpkin-Flavored Biscuits for Halloween

KFC-Pumpkin-BiscuitWe can’t tell if the Pumpkin trend is ending or just getting started anymore. Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan has added a new Halloween-inspired biscuit to their menu and, guess what, it’s pumpkin-flavored. The biscuits are actually made with kabocha, a green squash that looks like a smaller version of a pumpkin though less bitter and a bit more moist.

Close enough, right?

The pumpkin biscuits can be purchased individually or as a part of the Halloween combo bucket KFC is offering. The bucket will come with two pumpkin biscuits, six pieces of chicken and two small fries. Japanese children can finish their chicken and even use the bucket as a candy container on All Hallows’ Eve.

The biscuits and Halloween bucket will be available for purchase Oct. 16. Customers of KFC Japan can purchase them as a combo for 1,850 yen ($17.09 US) or the biscuits individually for 180 yen ($1.66).

Anyone else think they look kind of like donuts?

H/T Rocket News 24


North Carolina Restaurant Serves Up Gravy Flights


Biscuit Head in Asheville, North Carolina serves biscuits “as big as a cat’s head” and launched its gravy flight just three months ago. Each day features new, unique gravies, with your choice of three for only $7.

Whether it’s espresso red-eye, fried chicken gravy, sweet potato coconut, or the “Gravy of the Day,” you get to choose how you dip, or spread, the sauce.  The Biscuit Head also features biscuit sandwiches and sides to go with your biscuits and gravy like bacon, ham, and eggs. While The Gurgling Cod coins this gravy flight as the “Brooklynification of North Carolina,” I can say as someone who spends a great deal of time in Brooklyn, that I wish there was more North Carolinafication around here.

H/T Eater + PicThx @biscuitheadavl