Beer Hit-Or-Miss Video

This 100-Year-Old Woman Celebrated Her B-Day By Crushing A Game Of Beer Pong

This lovely lady has just won our hearts with her incredible beer pong skills. She’s Foodbeast’s new spirit animal, and everything that us 20-somethings aspire to be in life.

The video was taken at the woman’s backyard birthday bash and posted to Facebook. Notice the guest of honor wear a sash that bears her age of the big-100.

She demonstrates the highest level of skill as she seamlessly sinks the final shot in what looks to be her first try at it. She channels a true Rocky Balboa moment after sinking her shot, amidst shock from her family members on hand.

What a way to turn 100 and show up those grandkids. Grandma also received a good amount of deserved internet fame from the video.



Photo Credit: You Tube 


IHOP Is Selling 58 Cents Pancakes For One Day



What: The breakfast chain is celebrating its 58th birthday and they’re offering customers their iconic short stack for 58 cents. Gotta be sure to try it.

Last time IHOP had a pancake deal, Sean almost didn’t make it back to work.

Where: All participating IHOP locations.

When: Tuesday, July 12 from 7am-7pm.



7-Eleven Is Giving Free Slurpees To Everyone For Just One Day


Who: 7-Eleven

What: The convenience store chain is celebrating their 50th birthday by giving out a free small Slurpee for customers to enjoy. You just have to roll into the designated hours of participation and claim your free drink. New flavors include a Sour Patch Redberry Slurpee and a Fanta Birthday Cake Slurpee.

Where: All participating 7-Eleven

When: July 11 from 11am to 7pm.


The New Birthday Cake Croissant About To Ravage New York City Sweet Tooths

Bouncing around NYC like a ping pong, Chef Thiago is the current undisputed innovator in the dessert scene until Dominique Ansel figures out his followup to the Cronut. His #HitMe dessert completely demolished the Internet a few months back, and now he’s serving up innovative dessert dishes at Union Fare, a gastro hall in the historic intersection in Manhattan.

Walk inside and you might just catch a glimpse of a pleasantly balanced Birthday Cake Croissant.


And here’s what our resident NYC eating champion Jessica of @CheatDayEats had to say about the croissant:


For One Day Only, Tommy’s Will Sell Its Famous Chiliburgers For 70 Cents


Who: Original Tommy’s Burger

What: In celebration of Original Tommy’s 70th birthday, the burger chain will be offering a Tommy’s chiliburger as well as a can of soda for only 70 cents. Even better, they put the cap at five a customers instead of the usual one.

The burger spot opened in 1946 and has become our go-to spot to cure those late-night chili cheese cravings.

Where: While there are many Tommy’s locations, the only ones that’ll honor the 70-cent meal deal will be the OG spot at Beverly and Rampart Blvd in California.

When: Sunday, May 15.

Photo: Original Tommy’s Facebook

Packaged Food

Airheads Candy Adds New Birthday Cake Flavor Because…You Guessed It


Airheads is celebrating their 30th birthday and they’re throwing a cake party. The taffy-like candy has been around for three decades and, in celebration of this, is releasing a limited-edition Birthday Cake flavor.

Customers can also win themselves some free birthday swag, including cash, by entering here.

You can find the Birthday Cake Airheads at participating retailers in both a pack of six or a pack of ten.

Our personal favorite was always the white mystery flavor. You just never know with that one…


Here Are All The Leap Day Food Deals You’ll Want To Jump On

With Leap Day less than a week away, you might be scrambling to figure out what to do with that one extra day in the year.

If you’re looking most out of this upcoming Monday, you may want to check out all the deals restaurants are offering for the occasion.

Those born on this day, Leaplings they call them, may even get free food.

Pizza Hut


What: If you can prove you were born on Leap Day, you will get a free Personal Pan Pizza with a choice of one topping.

Where: Any participating Pizza Hut location nationwide.

When: Feb. 29



What: Arby’s is extending an olive branch to vegetarians this Leap Day with an exclusively meatless menu. Kind of.

The meaty sandwich chain will be offering all of their greatest hits…just without meat.

Where: All participating Arby’s locations.

When: Feb. 29

Olive Garden


What: Olive Garden is giving away one of four Dolcini desserts on Leap Day. Customers can claim theirs by present a coupon found here upon their visit to the restaurant.

Where: All participating Olive Garden locations.

When: Feb. 29

Hungry Howie’s


What: For Leap Year, Hungry Howie’s is offering customers a large one-topping pizza for 29 cents. All you have to do is buy a large one-topping pizza or a large with more than one toppings to qualify for the deal.

Where: You can get your 29-cent pizza at any of the almost 600 Hungry Howie’s locations. Any except for Alabama or Florida, that is.

When: Feb. 29 and March 1

Hard Rock


What: Those born on Leap Day will be treated to a free item from Hard Rock Cafe’s Leaplings Eat Free menu.

The menu includes dishes like pulled pork sandwiches, honey mustard chicken sandwiches, Hard Rock’s Legendary Burger, Twisted Mac & Cheese, a Veggie Burger and a Caesar Salad.

A valid photo ID will be required.

Where: All particiapting Hard Rock Cafe locations.

When: Feb. 29

Tropical Smoothie Cafe


What: Members of Club Tropical, Tropical Smoothie Cafe‘s loyalty program, will be able to get a 24-oz classic smoothie for $2.29. While it’s not free, it still about half off.

Where: Any participating Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

When: Feb. 29

McAlister’s Deli


What: If your birthday is on Leap Day, you can get a free cookie after showing photo ID.

Where: Participating McAlister’s Delis.

When: Feb. 29


Listen To This Metal Song On How To Make A Funfetti Birthday Cake

Remember Linzey Rae, the angel with the demon voice who learned us how to make shepherd’s pie? I’m gonna assume you said yes, but if you said no, HERE is a refresher. Now she’s back with a new metal song on how to make birthday cake. It is a real delight provided you like screaming. Which I do. It’s one of the few joys I have left in this life. Right up there with this scalp massager I got from a kiosk at the mall and bossing around the cats when my mom’s not home.

Written by Brittany High, IncredibleThings