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Birthday Cake Pebbles Cereal Ring In 50 Years

Photo courtesy of Post

Post Pebbles Cereal is celebrating its 50th birthday this year, and with that comes a limited edition cereal option for Flintstones lovers to enjoy.

Birthday Cake Pebbles will feature vibrant flakes of blue, pink, and yellow while boasting a vanilla cake flavor.

For avid fans of Pebbles cereal, this limited-edition run is something worth checking out.

You can find the Birthday Cake Pebbles available nationwide throughout April at all participating grocery retailers.

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TIL There’s A Healthy Alternative to Skittles

Not too long ago, Project 7 unveiled a line of gummies that were each inspired by a classic alcoholic cocktails. What set the snack brand apart was their dedication to keeping products all-natural. Well, those of you with a sweet tooth for candies such as Skittles now have a healthier option to choose from.

Project 7‘s new Gourmet Chewies are an all-natural answer to Skittles, for those looking to cut back on sugar and preservatives.

Like Skittles, they boast a crunchy exterior and a chewy interior. However, the candy chews are organic, non-GMO, gluten free, free of artificial colors, free of preservatives, and free of artificial flavors. Each 2-oz package contains about 34 grams of sugar, compared to Skittles’ 46 grams of sugar per 2.17 oz bag.

Flavors include Front Porch Lemonade, Fairytale Fruit, Coconut Lime, Birthday Cake, and Rainbow Ice.

As someone who subconsciously pampers his sweet tooth, especially on candies, these Gourmet Chewies are definitely something I’d want in front of me.

You can find Project 7 Gourmet Chewies at their online store, in 2-oz and 4-oz packages. Each bag contains about 60 candies.

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Birthday Cake Milkshakes Arrive At Jack In The Box

We’ve always been fond of the belief that birthday cakes can be enjoyed on any day of the year. Why should you be limited to one day? Also, why should cake be limited to one state of matter?

Jack in the Box has released a new milkshake to celebrate the iconic birthday cake in The Birthday Cake Shake.

Brand Eating reports that the new item is made with a vanilla ice cream that’s blended with birthday cake syrup. It’s then topped with whipped cream and multi-colored sprinkles.

The blended beverage is available at participating Jack in the Box locations for a limited time, possibly through the summer, and will be available in 16 and 24-oz servings. Prices may vary depending on the location.

We do not recommend you throwing birthday candles on this. That’ll just ruin a perfectly good milkshake.

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Mark Zuckerberg Had An Awesome BBQ-Themed Cake For His Birthday

This Sunday wasn’t just Mother’s Day, it was the day our lord and savior Mark Zuckerberg was born.

The Zuck turned 33, and while he celebrated with his fellow coworkers, he was surprised with a meat-lover’s dream cake.

The Facebook founder posted a photo of the cake Monday, as it was in the shape of a cutting board, topped with ribs, a turkey leg, a sausage, and a t-bone steak. Of course, “Happy Birthday Mark” was inscribed on it, and the big boss looked happy.

Zuckerberg’s love of BBQ has been on display before, as in 2016, he did a Facebook Live stream from his backyard, as he and some friends smoked a brisket and ribs. He gave some smoking tips, and really sounded like he knew what he was talking about.

His Facebook team seems to be very aware of Mark’s fascination with grilling, and channeled that into this birthday cake.

It has to be hard to get a cool cake for a man who has everything, but this cake, well, takes the cake.

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Halo Top Ice Cream Has A FRACTION Of The Calories In Regular Ice Cream, Here’s A Comparison


Halo Top Ice Cream is probably known best as the low-calorie dessert. The high-protein sweet averages about a svelte 240 calories a pint, a quarter of the calories compared to regular store ice cream’s pints. Obviously perfect for those looking to stay a little fitter, without denying their sweet tooth.

We got a box of Halo Top goods in this week’s Foodbeast Mailbag and decided to have some fun with the different flavors they sent us. Here’s a side-by-side look at the low-calorie scoops compared to other store brands.

Check out the noticeable difference in ice cream scoops:

Halo Top Birthday Cake  v. Grocery Store Cookies N’ Cream


Are you a cake person or a cookie person? If comparing the 70 calories from Halo Top’s Birthday Cake flavor to a scoop of store-bought cookies n’ cream, you get threes scoops of cake versus the one cookies n’ cream.

Halo Top Chocolate  v. Grocery Store Black Raspberry Dark Chocolate Chunk


Halo Top’s chocolate flavor boasts about 60 calories per scoop. We got three-and-a-half-scoops of it, compared to the one scoop of this black raspberry dark chocolate chunk worth about 210 calories.

Halo Top Lemon Cake v. Grocery Store Southern Pecan


Halo Top’s Lemon Cake flavor has 60 calories to a scoop of store-bought Southern Pecan, which translates to you getting four scoops of cake versus the one 240-calorie scoop of the pecan flavor.

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Rapper Chief Keef Had A Blunt-And-Lean Birthday Cake, Because Hip Hop

Chief Keef is a rapper whose lyrics might be a little indecipherable, but there’s no confusing what his birthday cake was saying.

The “Almighty Sosa” just turned 21, and his cake very much encompassed his personality, featuring not only some pretty trippy Bill Da Butcher artwork, but also a bottle of promethazine with codeine cough syrup and even some rolled marijuana blunts.

The three-tier cake also featured a heavy amount of gold chains and of course, 21 candles, because there had to at least be one traditional thing on this.

According to TMZ, the cake was made at a bakery called Cake and Art in West Hollywood, and didn’t actually contain any illegal substances, just lookalikes. It took 4 hours to make and cost about $1,000.

Clearly the birthday candles weren’t the only thing lit on this cake

h/t fwf


The New Birthday Cake Croissant About To Ravage New York City Sweet Tooths

Bouncing around NYC like a ping pong, Chef Thiago is the current undisputed innovator in the dessert scene until Dominique Ansel figures out his followup to the Cronut. His #HitMe dessert completely demolished the Internet a few months back, and now he’s serving up innovative dessert dishes at Union Fare, a gastro hall in the historic intersection in Manhattan.

Walk inside and you might just catch a glimpse of a pleasantly balanced Birthday Cake Croissant.


And here’s what our resident NYC eating champion Jessica of @CheatDayEats had to say about the croissant:




Hot off the success of his Bacon-wrapped Mozarella-stuffed Burgers, Instagram legend @PeepMySneaks is at it again with a new video teaching the world how to make Birthday Cake Waffles.

To make the batter, he finds some funfetti cake mix, throws a couple eggs, oil and water before mixing it all up. Then he takes the magical batter and pours it into a waffle iron to get toasty.

Top it all off with some ice cream and change your life: