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This Birria Burger Has Got A Vial of Consomé Stuck Into It

Birria’s been booming, and Los Angeles is at the epicenter of the craze. We’ve seen the wonder of this Mexican dish skyrocket in popularity, serving as a catalyst for different applications of the dish to come to fruition. From pizzas to ramen to now burgers, birria’s appeal is universal.

Recognizing and showing love to the craze is East Los Angeles’s A’s BBQ, a craft barbecue pop-up owned by Alan Cruz that touts itself as ‘East Los Soul BBQ’. At A’s they’re now offering the LA Craze Burger, which features smash patties seasoned with his proprietary birria rub, chile de árbol aioli, American and Swiss cheese, grilled onions, and a 24-hour bone broth reduction encapsulated in a vial and crowning the burger triumphantly, serving as the consomé that accompanies birria.

“When creating this burger. I didn’t want to just load a burger with birria. I wanted to give you guys the experience of birria in the most “burger” way possible,” explained Cruz. The vial of bone broth reduction on top is meant to be used “as a sauce or straight sauce up the bun with it, instead of dunking [into the consomé].

Cruz admits that this is an extremely untraditional burger, and it seems he’s covered both extremes of the spectrum, as this LA Craze Burger is also the furthest from traditional birria.

This delicious rule-bending burger is now available at A’s BBQ in East Los Angeles, California.