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Behold, The Scandinavian Burger King Bird Feeder

Burger King Bird Feeder

Ah, to be a bird. Limited only by the flap of your wings, free to fly wherever the wind may take you – provided that “wherever” hasn’t been denuded by deforestation. I already thought birds had it pretty good with the standard backyard bird feeder and old lady bread distribution at parks and ponds, but I guess you can’t call them animal rights unless they include access to America’s third-favorite fast food burger.

This Danish art installation is in good fun and all, but I can only imagine its solar-powered lit sign confusing a drunk passerby at night and leading to some bigger “birds” feeding from it. Based on these photos, the piece seems to have made it through at least one day without being defaced and/or destroyed, what a civilized place.

Via Foodiggity