Boy Band Covers Michael Jackson’s ‘Billy Jean’ Using Beer Bottles


The Bottle Boys believe that “Everything can be played on bottles” and in their latest video, they tackled a Michael Jackson classic inside the Mariendal Kirke in Denmark.

With boxes full of beer bottles in hand, the boy band skillfully ripped through their cover of “Billy Jean” with some wicked dance moves mixed in.

The Bottle Boys were contestants in Britain’s Got Talent. Now, they make monthly videos of themselves playing covers of pop songs using beer bottles, five-gallon water jugs, makeshift water bottle maracas and introduced a new technique in this video they call “double bottling”. It’s scary good.

While Simon Cowell wasn’t very impressed with their musical talents (womp womp), they’re still cranking out crafty covers such as the Little Mermaid’s “Under the Sea” and “Call Me Maybe.”