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For $10,000, You Can Own A Bikini Made Entirely Of Pizza

Ever want to rock an outfit made entirely of pizza? Now that it’s summer, you’re going to want to hit the beach and strut your stuff. And what better way to grab someone’s attention than to wear a bikini made entirely of pizza?

DesignTaxi reports, in honor of National Bikini Day, Villa Italian Kitchen teamed up with renowned food stylist Jessie Bearden to create what’s referred to as the “Pizza-Kini.” Whether you’re a guy or gal, this is sure to turn some heads.

The swimsuit is supposed to be form-fitting and made from homemade dough, whole milk mozzarella cheese, sauce made from California tomatoes, and good old reliable pepperoni. The only downside to this novelty two-piece, however, is the $10,000 price tag, which is due in part to the exclusivity of the item and the fact that it’s designed by Bearden himself.

If you do have the spare dough and want to rock a pizza to the beach, you can find out more about the Pizza-Kini here. Boy do I have to hit the gym.


Vietnamese Restaurant Under Fire For Mysterious Bikini-Clad Waitresses


A restaurant in Cau Giay District of Hanoi, Vietnam is raising a few eyebrows after photos of bikini-clad waitresses at the eatery went viral.


Authorities in Hanoi may fine the restaurant for having women in bikinis serve their predominantly male diners food and drinks. The incident goes “against Vietnam’s traditional culture and fine customs,” according to To Van Dong, the Director of Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism agency.


Thanhnien News reported that the photos were allegedly taken on Sunday, May 8. The images show women serving beer and sitting next to the gawking male customers. The restaurant manager, Lam, confirmed the pictures had been snapped at his establishment on Tran Thai Tong Street.


He also claimed that the women were hired by Saigon Beer-Alcohol-Beverage JSC (Sabeco) for promotional purposes of their beer brand. Lam said that the “promotion girls” were dressed in formal attire except for a few. The restaurant manager said:

“The ones in bikinis were here for only one or two minutes. We asked them to cancel the promotional campaign after seeing how they were dressed.”


However, Truong Van Tuan, director of Sabeco’s northern branch denied the allegations claiming his company has never run that kind of campaign at the eatery. Seems like neither party reportedly involved are willing to step up to take responsibility.


On May 6, just two days before the controversial restaurant incident, Hanoi cultural inspectors penalized an electronics store with a $1,795 fine for using women in bikinis to promote their business.


The women greeted customers and introduced air-conditioning products at the store. The manager of Tran Anh electronics defended their actions saying the women were there to film “sex education videos.”

Written by NextShark || H/T English Vietnamnet


The Pizza Bikini Is The Only Swimsuit You’ll Ever Need Ladies


Pyknic clothing brand is selling this glorious pizza bikini.

You can buy the top HERE and the bottoms HERE, each piece is selling for $32. Good lord, it’s a thing of beauty. I’ve never been so attracted to a swim suit in my life! What, is that a weird thing to say? Oh no — I crossed a line didn’t I?



Written by Brittany High, Incredible Things

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Chef Padma Lakshmi Likes The Way Her Boobs Look In This Bikini Photo


“The only benefit of gaining weight is what it does to your boobs!” Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi captioned her latest Instagram photo of her in a bikini. On a beach. Being sexy.

For context, here’s the photo:

The only benefit of gaining weight is what it does to your boobs! #idliboobs

A photo posted by Padma Lakshmi (@padmalakshmi) on


If you’re familiar with Padma, you’ll know she has a history of being sexy. For those that may be a little less familiar, here’s Exhibit A (and the only exhibit) — a Carl’s Jr. commercial for a Western Bacon Cheeseburger from a few years back:

H/T BroBible


Miss Turkey’s Bikini Up For Auction

In an interesting publicity + charity move, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s is hosting an auction for the custom-made bikini Miss Turkey flaunts in the brands’ recent Turkey Burger commercials. Dubbed the “turkini,” the two-piece bikini is covered with nearly 500 tiny images of the brand’s latest Charbroiled Turkey Burgers. To sweeten the deal, the reigning Miss Turkey, Gizem Memic, has signed this garment in hopes its auction price will see some serious inflation.

100% of the final sale price will benefit Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s new charity program Stars for Troops, an initiative that raises money for military men and women. The custom-made bikini is valued at $1,000, but is expected to sell for much more than that.

The current 40th bid for the memorable piece of swimwear has pushed the price up to $2,011.09 on eBay, with 6 days left of bidding. For those of you who haven’t seen the commercial, or need a refresher, enjoy:

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Celeb Grub: Ashley Greene Washes Off Her Bikini Body Paint


Ashley Greene seems to be a dazzling the world with her down to earth life style. She keeps it simple and real with out an actual bikini on and some colorful SoBe LifeWater. I’m just waiting for that water to wash off that paint, ya know!? (THX The Superficial)