‘Bike-In’ Coffee Shops are So Portlandia


“SO PORTLANDIA” is how one commenter describes these “bike-in” park stands, and she is SO RIGHT.

Except for the part about these hipster havens being in Portland, because apparently, Switzerland has outdone Oregon this time.

They’re called Velokafi, and they’re part of a combined effort by Zurich government officials and designers to accomodate a growing number of cyclists in the area, ultimately building toward the local “Stadtverkehr 2025 Program,” which “aims to improve transportation infrastructure, for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.”  The Velokafi (dunno what that means, but you can bet “coffee” is part of it) are set up at parks and designed for bikers who are, like, too busy/pretentious to get off their bikes like the rest of us plebs.

Swiss hipsters (or “Swissters”) can find the Portlandia exports, comprised of a desktop + a wooden docking station to hold the bike, at the Rathaus Café, which also provides a free cup of coffee to anyone who uses the Velokafi.

Well, if nothing else, Swissters, do it for the coffee. It is a sacrifice worthy of the discomfort of not sitting in a real chair. Probably.

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi


This ‘Handlebar Minibar’ Stores Booze In Your Bike’s Handlebars


You ever push your non-prescription Ray-Bans up your nose with one hand, scrolling through your iPhone 5 to find the new Pitchfork-recommended single with your other, while guiding your ten-speed (fixie?) through Brooklyn foot traffic with your knees and think, “Hey, I could really use a drink, like, right now?”

Yeah? Well, then, my multi-tasking friend, bear witness to the strange genius that is the Handlebar Minibar, compliments of Kickstarter Yannick Read (who also did this thing with this guy and put a train whistle on a bike). Two vials, tucked into the hollow ends of your bicycle handlebars (though apparently, it’s a one-size-fits-most deal), hold 5mL each of your favorite booze. FYI, altogether, that’s about a fourth of a short. But that’s not the point. The point is that you have booze in the handlebars of your bike.


And Yannick says it’s not just for booze. Use it for “banknotes” or “a rolled cigarette,” or as one Internet reader added (but this particular writer cannot publicly encourage), “coke and weed.”

Check it out on Kickstarter.

P.S. — Don’t drink and bike, man.

H/T Geekologie


Dolores Chiller


Avoid any unwanted attention while going to a sports event, walking around Disneyland, or riding your fixed gear. Just toss a few cold drinks in your Dolores Chiller and add ice and you’ll be good to go. Conveniently disguised as a messenger bag, the Dolores Chiller is lined with TPU waterproof material so there is no leaking or condensation on the outside of the bag. You can stay dry while your cold ones stay chilled. If this isn’t already perfect enough, the bag has a bottle opener. (Thx Coolmaterial)