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Guy Eats 30,000 Big Macs, Manages To Stay Healthy And Save Money

Big Macs are about as American as baseball, and there’s no small number of loyals who love to feast on the burger.

One guy has taken it to the next level, though, by eating more of Ronald McDonald’s special than anybody else.

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Retired prison guard Don Gorske just made history by downing 30,000 Big Macs over the course of his lifetime. He already shattered the Guinness World Record over 500 burgers ago, but is continuing to chow on what he calls his favorite sandwich. The FDL Reporter noted that Gorske’s been devouring the iconic meal since 1972, meaning that over the past 46 years, he’s averaged just over 1.6 Big Macs per day.

Gorske also serves as the antithesis to the notion that fast food is bad for you. While maintaining his pace of burger consumption, he’s managed to stay in great health, with a recent check-up showing low cholesterol and “perfect” blood pressure, in his words.

The Big Mac record holder has also been saving money on food as a result of his habits. It may not be the most thrifty option today, but on average, Gorske spends about $265 a month on the burgers based on current price. As reported by People, Gorske stated in the documentary Supersize Me that the Big Mac accounted for 90% of his diet, bringing monthly food expenses to about $294 per month. Considering that most Americans spend that much in just 2-3 weeks (even in older age groups), Gorske’s doing pretty good when it comes to budgeting.

Just goes to show that when eaten appropriately and with proper exercise, fast food can be part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


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