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If McDonald’s Made Big Mac Wings, This Is What They’d Look Like

Years ago, back when I worked at McDonald’s, my go-to break time meal would be a Big Mac with extra sauce and four Chicken McNuggets. I’d take the McNuggets and dip them into the excess sauce from the burger. 

It was bliss. 

The latest Foodbeast recipe challenge puts the family to the task, with the theme being one of my favorite foods of all time: chicken wings.

Wanting to combine my love of the Big Mac Nugget combo with this new recipe challenge, I decided to create a Big Mac-stuffed Chicken wing with a little inspiration from Canada’s chef de partie of outlandish foods, Josh Elkin. 

The result tasted precisely like a mouthful of Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets. 

Check out the video above to see exactly how you can recreate these Big Mac Wings and other game-changing Chicken Wing Recipes. 

This week’s challengers include Sarah (@nutrientmatters), myself (@pham_bot), Gary (@bitemebbq), Rudy @rudeluv, Reach @reachhard_, and Tiffy (@tiffy.cooks). 

Alright y’all. Which chicken wing recipe are you cooking up this weekend?

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McDonald’s Has Two New Big Mac Sizes

big mac sizes

Photo: McDonald’s

McDonald’s seems to always be finding different ways to alter the iconic Big Mac, like adding bacon or eggs. One of their more viral Big Mac alterations was a lineup of different-sized Big Macs that dropped back in 2016.

It seems like McDonald’s is trying to conjure up the success of that trio again, as they’ve dropped another limited-time Big Mac menu that ranges from small to large.

Rather than resizing patties this time around, McDonald’s has opted to change the number of them in each Big Mac iteration. The Little Mac, for example, is what a Big Mac would be like without an extra patty and bun, while the Double Mac stacks on an extra piece of beef into each layer of the burger.

All of the burgers appear to use the same patties we know in the standard Big Mac, rather than upgrading to the fresh Quarter Pounder patties the chain has been heavily promoting for the past couple of years.

The new Big Mac lineup will be around for a limited-time run starting on March 11th.

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McDonald’s Is Offering 1-CENT Big Macs Through DoorDash Partnership

Every time McDonald’s offers up their two Big Macs for $5 deal, I find myself suddenly sitting in the drive-thru waiting to sink my teeth into the burger behemoth’s iconic double-decker sandwich. This week, however, not only can I stay within the comforts of my own home, but can enjoy a Big Mac for nothing more than a mere penny. No, seriously.

McDonald’s has just announced that through a new promotion, customers can get their hands on a Big Mac for 1-CENT.

DoorDash has teamed up with the Golden Arches as part of a five-day promotion to give away one million Big Macs for a penny.

To access the deal, all you have to do is use the promo code 1MBIGMAC when placing an order through DoorDash. Once the promo code is in, it also enters you for a shot at winning $1 million.

The DoorDash deal will be available nationwide across 9,300 U.S. locations of McDonald’s between September 30 through October 4. The full rules and conditions can be found here.

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McDonald’s Will Soon Be Serving Up Big Macs With Bacon Inside

Mad respect has to be given to the OG Big Mac, but one of its highlights is all of the ways we transform it. Whether it be adding an egg or two on the inside or ordering a side of bacon to cram in it, we’ve all become pretty crafty at taking the classic to new heights.

McDonald’s is recognizing our ingenuity and making one of the more coveted hacks an official menu item with their new Big Mac Bacon.

Photo courtesy of McDonald’s

Starting January 30th, the Big Mac will be available with its new upgrade. That consists of three strips of thick cut Applewood smoked bacon that get added to the top layer.

Big Mac Bacon will be joined by the coveted Cheesy Bacon Fries that everyone’s been anticipating for a nationwide launch, as well as a new made-to-order Bacon Quarter Pounder.

All of these will be limited-time offerings, so those looking for that official bacon upgrade should head to a Mickey D’s sooner rather than later once these items launch.

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McDonald’s Creates Halloween Version of Their Iconic Monopoly Game

Now that Halloween is approaching, McDonald’s has decided to put a seasonal spin on their beloved peel and play gaming system. While fans of the franchise are most familiar with the yearly Monopoly offering, McDonald’s has just launched a new Halloween-inspired variation they’re calling “Trick. Treat. Win!

The new game will also integrate with McDonald’s mobile app, sparing you from having to lug around a paper board to keep track of your progress.

There are two ways to play the game:

  • You can order your food at the restaurant and peel off the game pieces to reveal food prizes such as Big Macs, breakfast sandwiches, fries, McCafe beverages, or McFlurrys. You can also win non-food prizes like cash or gift cards.
  • If you didn’t win anything from the peel off portion of the game, you can redeem the pieces on the McDonald’s mobile app for “Entry Tokens” that let you enter a daily sweepstakes. The sweepstakes prizes include cars, resort vacations, theme park trips, and cash.

According to McDonald’s official rules, the odds of winning instantly are 1 in 4, though those are mostly food prizes. Probably won’t hold out for that car or resort trip, but I’ll be perfectly happy with an order of small fries to get me through my commute home.

The Trick. Treat. Win! promotion will be around through the end of October, with more details on how to play can be found here.

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McDonald’s New ‘MacCoins’ Can Be Used For Free Big Macs

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac, and McDonald’s is offering up a new promotional “MacCoins” collection to celebrate the occasion. This currency is unique because they can be saved as collectibles OR traded in as coupons.

maccoinsPhoto courtesy of McDonald’s

On August 2nd, McDonald’s locations in over 50 countries globally (including 14,000 stores in the US) will distribute five variants of the “MacCoins.” The five different coins are based on the five decades the iconic sandwich has been sold. Over 6.2 million will be distributed around the world and given out on a first-come, first-serve basis with the purchase of a Big Mac.

Those who manage to collect all five “MacCoins” can save them as a collection, but if you’re not into keepsakes, they are also exchangeable for a free Big Mac. The only caveats to that are that you have to wait until August 3rd to exchange the coins, and they’re only good through the end of 2018.

Overall, though, it’s wins all around for any customer who picks up one of these nifty coins. It can make for some cool memorabilia, or you can score a free sandwich.

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PSA: You Can Put Eggs In ANY McDonald’s Burger—You’re Welcome

Photo by Peter Pham, Foodbeast

Ever since McDonald’s started serving breakfast all day, it’s been a pleasure grabbing a McGriddle in the middle of the night, or in the middle of the afternoon.

While eating a Quarter Pounder with a hash brown on the side was a nice combination of breakfast and lunch, there’s one hack that no one’s been using, to the point that it gives McDonald’s employees that, “Aha!” moment upon you ordering it.

If you roll up to your local McDonald’s and order a Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, McChicken or anything, you can add an egg to it.

Photo by Peter Pham, Foodbeast

That’s right, if you want a “round egg” inside your Big Mac, just ask for it. If you’ve got a hankering for a “folded egg” in your cheeseburger, they have no problem throwing it on there, either.

I first tested it out at a Santa Ana, California McDonald’s near work. I figured their eggs are obviously available during lunch time, so why not take a shot and see what happens.

Let’s just call this the McEgg Mac/Photo by Isai Rocha

I ordered a Big Mac, and nervously said, “Would it be possible to throw a round egg in there?” The manager at the register gave me a look of intrigue, and simply responded with:

“Yeah, sure. Let me know how that tastes.”

It worked, and it tasted glorious.

Photo by Peter Pham, Foodbeast

With this newfound knowledge at my disposal, I felt like a brand new door had opened for me at a restaurant where I felt everything had been done already.

I later went to a Whittier, California McDonald’s to see if I’d get any pushback, but the cashier simply nodded her head, saying, “I don’t see why not.”

This time we tried it with a Quarter Pounder, along with a McChicken and a Cheeseburger, just to spruce up some of the value menu items.

Egg McChicken? Yes, Please./Photo by Peter Pham, Foodbeast

The eggs were a $1.80 add-on per sandwich, which isn’t too crazy, and is a definite upgrade to your usual Dollar Menu sandwich, if you choose to go that route.

While the “round egg” is made fresh, I preferred the yellow folded egg, but both were delicious and worth it.

Now that we know what’s up at McDonald’s, the menu to us will be changed forever, as we should be putting eggs inside every damn sandwich from now on.

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McDonald’s Just Brought Back The Mac Jr. And The Grand Big Mac

Last year, McDonald’s released two new variations of their iconic Big Mac: the Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac. The idea was to give customers options in case they either couldn’t commit to an entire Big Mac or if a single Big Mac wasn’t enough. It was actually pretty great.

Now, Brand Eating reports, McDonald’s is bringing those two burgers back for a limited time.

As you know, the iconic McDonald’s Big Mac features two beef patties with shredded lettuce, cheese, Mac Sauce, onions, and pickles between a sesame bun with a third slice of bread separating the patties.

A Mac Jr. only features one burger patty and no middle slice of bread, while a Grand Mac features thicker 1/3 pound beef patties. A little bit of Mac for everyone, really.

Still, there’s a special place in our heart for the simple Big Mac. Extra Mac Sauce, though.