7-Eleven Selling Unlimited Free Refill Cups You Can Use For A Year

If your 2020 resolutions include a lot of coffee consumption, you might want to take advantage of 7-Eleven’s latest promotion.

On Wednesday, Dec. 11, the convenience store will be selling exclusive Slurpee, 30-ounce Big Gulp, and 20-ounce hot coffee cups that can be refilled as much as your heart desires over the next year.

The stainless steel cups will be selling for $129 each, and get you unlimited refills through December 31, 2020.

The process seems simple enough, as each cup will have a barcode that cashier will scan and ring up your drink for “free.”

If you were to buy a coffee or Big Gulp once a day, that means you’d be paying about 35 cents per cup. If you’re a maniac and take advantage of the refills twice a day, for a year, you’d be paying about 18 cents per cup.

The cups will only be sold on, and will start at 12 p.m. ET, 9 a.m. PST. The cups are not interchangeable, and can only be used for whatever drink choice the cup supports.

There’s a very limited release for these, 50 to be exact, so you better be on your hypebeast-waking-up-early-for-a-limited-release mode if you want one.


7-Eleven Wants You to Make Gains With Its New Healthy Choices


Most of us have probably seen the P90X infomercials at 1 a.m., with hopes of losing 60 pounds in 90 days. Now you’ll be reminded of your lack of health every time you walk into 7-Eleven to buy a Big Gulp.

Tony Horton, creator of P90X, is now teaming with 7-Eleven to sell his line of healthier alternative foods.

According to CBS, 7-Eleven stores in Los Angeles will test out the products first, selling sandwiches, salads, fresh-cut fruit, wraps and cold-pressed juices.

7-Eleven is not exactly a mecca of nutrition, but now you’ll be able to find quinoa salads, spicy black bean wraps and all-natural fruit juices, sitting right next to the Slurpee machine.


The Tony Horton Kitchen line was previously only available through direct home delivery, but over 100 Los Angeles-area 7-Elevens will offer the nutrition-conscious line.

Hooray for guilt as we reach for that corn dog and not a turkey wrap.

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Grab a Free Big Gulp at 7-Eleven Today


Who: 7-Eleven
What: Free Big Gulp fountain drink (via the 7-Eleven mobile app)
Where: All 7-Eleven locations
When: Saturday, July 12

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Craving: Wild Cherry Pepsi Super Big Gulp

As much as I love coffee, and as much as I needed caffeine yesterday. I just didn’t want to drive to Starbucks, so instead I cruised over to 7-11 and mixed myself up a Big Gulp of Cherry Pepsi. Man did it hit the spot. I don’t know why I decided to shoot a photo of it, but I was trying out my new tripod and it seemed convenient. Now that I think of it I have $4 and totally want a slurpee!