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Top 5 Dishes At LA Filipino Hot Spot Big Boi

There’s a special place in my heart for the vociferous crunch of lumpia shanghai, the heartiness of a silog plate equipping you with enough sustenance to take on the day, the comforting bowl of Filipino spaghetti that takes me back to a home cooked meal from mom. And I get all of that and more at Big Boi, a Los Angeles hotspot for Filipino cuisine.

Chef Barb Batiste cooks with a particular passion and love that channels every auntie that’s made you a meal that fills your soul as much as it does your tummy. The results of such soulful cooking are portions made to share with good company and flavors that represent Filipino food in its warmest light.

Above is a video that breaks down my top five favorites at Big Boi. However, the goodness doesn’t stop there. Beyond what I can count on one hand are other Filipino dishes that delight, so exploring the rest of Chef Barb’s delicious menu is something I encourage and even insist.