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Beyond Chicken Tenders Now Available Nationwide at Walmart

Consumer demand for more plant-based options continues to rise, that’s why it’s quite clutch that Beyond Chicken Tenders will be available this October to consumers nationwide for the first time at Walmart and other major chains, with additional availability expected to be added later this year.

Key details about Beyond Chicken Tenders that are quickly making them the go-to for plant-based alternatives include 50% less saturated fat tha regular chicken tenders, and no GMOs, antibiotics, hormones or cholesterol. 

Unlike the pea-based protein in Beyond Burgers, Beyond Meat revealed that the protein-packed faba bean uniquely delivers the taste, texture, and culinary experience of traditional chicken tenders. 

Packaged Food Plant-Based

Beyond Meat Launches Beyond Chicken Tenders Nationwide

Starting today, Beyond Meat will be launching Beyond Chicken Tenders at restaurants across the country. The plant-based giant is looking to disrupt the chicken category and it’s doing so in a big way with this new product.

Made from simple, plant-based ingredients without the use of GMOs, Beyond Chicken Tenders offer 14 grams of protein per serving and 40% less saturated fat than the leading foodservice chicken tender.

This launch comes at a crucial time when consumer demand for chicken continues to put stress on the available supply nationwide and as restaurants start to re-open and recoup momentum.