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‘Dessert Graffiti’ Is A Sweet ‘Charcuterie’ of Food And Art

Dessert Graffiti at The Bazaar by José Andrés is a sweet experience where food and art intertwine leaving a memorable impression of this whimsical restaurant.

The restaurant itself is located in the The SLS, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The white exterior of the hotel opposes the aura of this hidden gem, where within reveals three sections all designated to a theme and ambiance corresponding to the course of the meal.

José Andrés, the eclectic and acclaimed chef of the restaurant, developed this concept to curate an experience for the guests. The whimsical and wonderland feel mirrors André’s food, famously indicative of a child-like element to his creations, the best example of which is the cotton candy foie gras. It is playful and untraditional, emphasizing how fine-dining is not so serious and should be fun.

The final step of The Bazaar experience is quite grand and definitely enjoyable. It closes with The Patisserie where Dessert Graffiti, essentially a live painting, ensues making one feel like a kid again.

Initially, it is painted with a chocolate, caramel syrup and a passion fruit jam, looking Pollock-esque at that point. Then, they really nail down the bee theme throughout the dessert: A bee-shaped honey ganache and lemon jam macaron, a lavender-almond honeycomb whip, a dulce hive mousse cake, a blackberry pate de fruit, a raspberry-rose hibiscus candy, and a citrus and honey bonbon. And if it gets too sweet, there are chamomile tea pipettes to cleanse your palate in between each sweet bite.

To top it all off, liquid nitrogen is poured over the decadent display, completing the avant garde vibes of the grand dessert.

Their newest Dessert Graffiti theme is “Bee My Honey,” intended to celebrate National Honey Bee Day on August 18th and National Honey Month in September. The Executive Chef and novice Beekeeper, Hussain Zouhbi, explained how the absence of bees would eliminate 1/3rd of our crops, think strawberries, broccoli, coffee and palm oil.

As each mirrored platter, or empty canvas, is carefully curated table-side by a pastry chef, they explain each element and emphasize the importance of the honey bee to the environment.

Besides educating foodies and high-class folks on saving the bees, they intend to resurface heart-warming memories through each cute creation.

The Pop Rocks (mixed with actual pollen), the chocolate Rice Krispies and the milk and honey mousse cake all withhold one aspect: familiarity. The recognizable ingredients possibly remind people of their childhood. Like a glass of warm milk, or one-too-many packs of Pop Rocks that must be eaten in a very particular way (eating all of them at once and keeping your mouth open so you can hear them crackle… then aggressively chewing, completely disregarding manners).

The familiarity of the ingredients scream childhood and add onto their bee theme. All of the ingredients used are flowers or fruit that bees pollinate. So without the bees, we will not have all these vital ingredients in the majority of these unreal desserts.

It was quite the process, and an entertaining struggle to sit and watch it come to life. But, the pastry chef’s leisured-pace and careful curation emphasizes their main intent with the experience: To encourage camaraderie and pause, take a few moments, and observe food and art become one as a group.


This New Restaurant Will Have No Servers, Chefs Will Bring Their Meals To The Tables

People often complain about the service some waiters and waitresses provide to them in restaurants, so how can this problem be fixed? By cutting the servers out of the equation altogether, according to one restaurateur based in L.A.

Chef Phillip Frankland Lee is the owner, operator and head chef of Scratch Bar and Kitchen on La Cienega Boulevard in Beverly Hills, or at least that’s where it used to be. After shutting down that location, Lee is opening up a brand new Scratch Bar location on December 1st, 2015, in Encino, California.

The only difference between the new and old locations? The new one won’t be employing servers, but will instead have the kitchen employees (including the cooks) delivering the food to the tables themselves.

While everyone’s immediate assumption is that Lee just hates servers, the reality of it is much less spiteful and actually makes pretty good sense.

“I hate it when I go to a restaurant and someone takes my order and they don’t know the menu,” Lee said. “I wanted to have a situation where the only guy you’re talking to is someone in the kitchen cooking.”

Instead of having a new server bumbling over the ingredients of a particular dish or running back to the kitchen to dig up details after every question, the cooks will be available to give detailed information to the guests in regards to their food, providing much more thorough answers to any questions the visitors might have.

Since there won’t be any servers, effectively eliminating the need for tipping, each bill will come with an 18 percent service charge. Lee believes that this is a better way of paying his employees, claiming that he will be able to give them livable salaries now rather than simply providing them with the minimum wage.

The war against tipping is beginning to take shape. Which side are you on?

Image Source: LA Times, Zagat

Fast Food

Starbucks x Teavana Roll Out Green Tea Miso Soup and Tea Smoothies


At Teavana Tea Bars, you can drink your teas and eat them too.

Earlier this week, Starbucks brand Teavana opened its latest Tea Bar location in Beverly Hills, toting along a slew of new menu items perfect for its fancy new digs. Sure there are a few duds, like the Butternut Squash Couscous Salad and Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich, that don’t contain nearly enough caffeine. But the rest of the line more than makes up for it.

There’s the Sparkling Kona Breeze Iced Tea, a blend of Teavana’s Pineapple Kona Pop, Peach Tranquility Tea, and carbonated pineapple coconut water. There’s the Apple Oolong Chia Fresca: oolong and pu-erh with apple juice and chia seeds.

Most exciting though are the tea smoothies and Genmaicha Green Tea Miso Tea Soup: true tea lovers’ soggy tea bag wet dreams. The smoothies are blended with Greek yogurt and fresh fruit, with flavors including Mixed Berry, Banana Chai, and Matcha Avocado, while the soup features a miso and ginger broth that’s been spiked with genmaicha (brown rice green tea) and loaded with tofu, spinach, and scallions.

According to a press release, the new menu will also be available at the Teavana tea bars in Chicago, New York, and Seattle.


Nespresso Opens Its Largest Coffee Boutique in Beverly Hills [14 PHOTOS]


Nespresso, a Nestle company that has launched over 300 retail coffee boutiques since 2012, opened its largest location in the United States in Beverly Hills, CA last week. Notably, the brand recently introduced two new flavor profiles or “Grand Crus” including Kazaar, a blend of two South American Robusta varieties originally introduced as a limited edition in 2010, and Dharkan a blend of washed Arabicas from Latin America and Asia. On the Nespresso intensity scale of 1-10, the Crus measure at 12 and 11 respectively.

FOODBEAST was there in Beverly Hills to check out the scene, the coffee and some of the latest hardware. Check out the photos below.












Nespresso Opens Sixth U.S. Flagship Boutique in Beverly Hills, CA



Class Meets Mass with This Caviar-Dispensing ATM

Face it, no rich people are actually going to use this thing. Heaven forbid they even walk outside and not have everyone within a quarter mile begging to hand them free stuff. No, no, LA’s new caviar vending machines were obviously made for butlers. When the mister and misses have a hankering and their favorite sturgeon farmer is off to Fiji for the week, what’s a poor, well-meaning, not-at-all-jaded serving person to do?

Grab some from caviar from an ATM of course!

We already have movie ATMs and Apple ATMs and even cupcake ATMs, so what makes these caviar ATMs from Beverly Hills Caviar any different? Oh right, they’re caviar – fish eggs – between $4 a spoon to $500 an ounce.

Granted, your failure to procure the right eggs, as well as your lord and lady’s most refined palates, will probably ensure your firing anyway, but at least you can say you tried. And you can keep saying it right until they sue you for food poisoning. How dare you try to feed them something so terribly lowbrow?

via LAMag