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Dunkin’ Donuts Offers New Berry Blast, Raspberry Lime and Orange Coolatta


Dunkin’ Donuts, rarely one to miss an opportunity, launched three new Coolatta flavors in preparation for the summer heat. The new frozen items include Berry Blast, Rasperry Lime and Orange. The new Berry Blast Coolatta features a pomegranate and blueberry “taste,” while the Raspberry Lime Coolatta carries a hint of raspberry followed by a sweet lime flavor. These two items are available for a limited time only.

The Minute Maid Orange Coolatta will be a permanent fixture to the lineup — think frozen orange juice blended and packed with more sugar. As a promotion for the new drinks, any small Coolatta can be purchased for $1.99 during the month of May. This includes their Frozen Coffee flavors (Mocha Coffee, Frozen Caramel, etc.) as well.


‘Tequila Buffet’ for Convenient Mouthwatering Tomfoolery

Be warned, though, the “mouth-watering” part of the Tequila Buffet must be left to the imagination unless and until you are willing to shell out the 90 bucks for this to-be-boozy masterpiece. The Tequila Buffet is crafted from “beams of wormy chestnut salvaged from dismantled barns and homes of the Appalachians.” On the plus side, for your money, you get glasses, salt bowls, a cutting board, a paring knife and a spoon, so everything is all cute (or manly) and matching.

And just look at how aesthetically pleasing it is! It even has little grooves for your limes. I hate tequila, but if someone served it to me like this, I might be tempted to acquiesce.

Tequila Buffet: $90 @ Etsy

via Cool Material


Shamrock Shake Cupcakes

These Shamrock Shake Cupcakes are great for your early morning St. Patrick’s Day hangover! Their convenient straw can also be used for your St. Patty’s day shots. These little leprechaun cupcakes are made with a simple cupcake mix that has been hit with a splash of green creme de menthe (a sweet mint flavored alcoholic beverage). Just like its familiar friend the Irish Car Bomb, the dessert is also topped off with a fresh white buttercream.  (Thx BakingJunkie)


Crazy Straws

For years, people of all ages have attempted to connect drinking straws together for a more entertaining way to enjoy beverages, usually resulting in leaks and construction issues. Well, the new age of straw engineering is made possible with Strawz. This set of 36 pieces allows you to build an intricate system of pipes that delivers maximum fun and hydration for kids and adults. Drink from two beverages at once, share a drink with another person, drink from multiple beverages AND share with multiple people – the possibilities are endless! Available in orange, blue or lime. (Thx Uncommongoods)