PBR Is Making Seltzers Infused With THC Instead Of Alcohol

Photo courtesy of Pabst Labs

Pabst Blue Ribbon has announced a new venture with the creation of its Pabst Labs cannabis company. With it comes a brand new cannabis-infused beverage to kick off the brand. 

Pabst Labs is launching a Cannabis-Infused Non-Alcoholic Selzer with a bit of lemon. 

While cannabis-infused drinks have become popular over the years, Pabst joining the fold marks a potential turning point in major growth for THC-infused beverages in the years to come.

The seltzer will be available in 12oz cans that feature 5mg of THC. While the lemon flavor will be the only flavor available at the time of launch, Pabst says other flavors are already in development. 

A test launch of the cans will soon hit select California dispensaries. The beverage can also be purchased directly to Californian residents through


7-Eleven Officially Adds Jarritos’ Mandarin Flavor As A Big Gulp, The First Time It’s Ever Found Outside The Bottle

Fans of the widely popular Jarritos soda brand will soon be able to have as much of the popular Mandarin flavor as they can chug, thanks to a new partnership with 7-Eleven and Stripes.

For the first time in the history of the beverage, the Mandarin Jarritos soda is venturing outside of the bottle and joining 7-Eleven’s Big Gulp soda fountain lineup.

Over the past summer, 7-Eleven launched a Mandarin-flavored Jarritos Slurpee drink that garnered positive social media reaction like gangbusters. The resulting popularity led to the decision of adding the actual craft soda into the soda fountain lineup. The Mexico-based soft drink company was founded in 1950 and, over the past 70 years, has risen to become one of the most popular soft drinks in the country.

Expect to see the newest Big Gulp flavor rolling out at participating 7-Eleven locations. If successful, we’ll probably see more iconic Jarritos flavors joining its Mandarin flavored comrade not long after.

Health Sweets

New Study Suggests Consuming Sugary Drinks Linked to Cancer

Consuming sugary drinks could be worse for our health than we previously thought, according to the results of a new study, conducted over 10 years.

The research was done by a French team, who wanted to discover if there is a link between consuming sugary drinks and the risk of cancer. Mathilde Touvier the lead author of the studysays that in order to be healthy, it is essential that we limit the amount of sugary drinks we consume daily. And that the risk associated with these comes from the large amount of sugar they contain. Touvier is also the research director of the Nutritional Epidemiology Research Team of the National Health and Medical Research Institute at the Paris 13 University.

“The results indicate statistically significant correlations between the consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks and risk of all cancers combined, and of breast cancer,” said Ian Johnson, nutrition researcher and emeritus fellow, Quadram Institute Bioscience, quoted by CNN. Johnson wasn’t involved in the research but validated the results to the Science Media Centre in the UK.

Consuming sugary drinks, how much is too much? 

“High sugary drinks consumption is a risk factor for obesity and weight gain,” she said. “Obesity is in itself a risk factor for cancer,” she added.

How many sugary drinks can we have and still feel safe? Touvier thinks the maximum should be one glass a day.

The research had 101,257 French subjects, all healthy adults, with an average age of 42. Of those, 79 percent are women and 21 percent are men. The participants filled out two questionnaires and were monitored over nine years. Their habits when it comes to consuming sugary drinks, but also their diet, were analyzed by the researchers.

2,193 cases of cancer were then reported by the study participants. The disease was diagnosed at an average age of 59 years. Of these, 693 were breast cancer cases, 291 prostate cancer cases, and 166 colorectal cancer cases.

It is important to note that not only processed beverages are bad for your health, but also the freshly squeezed juices you make at home.

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Drinks Film/Television Restaurants Video

These Over The Top Cocktails Are Inspired By Cinematic Classics

Castaway Burbank can really hold its own when it comes to mouthwatering dishes like their Lobster Pot Pie. However, the hidden Los Angeles Gem also holds another secret that only locals know about. Film buffs and alcohol aficionados, you’ll want to check this out.

The Green Room, a secret bar/cocktail lounge inside of Castaway is home to a community that loves everything film. At the bar, one can order from a menu of intricate cocktails that are each individually inspired by a cinematic classic.

Here are some that you’ll find on the menu.


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Short Round, named after Harrison Ford’s sidekick in the classic Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, is a visual masterpiece. The cocktail is made with Macallan 12, Dolin Blanc, and Suze. Stired and strained, it’s placed in the chest (on a bed of grass) and served alongside a dry ice skull.

Belle, based off of the iconic rose from Beauty and the Beast, features Ketel One Botanical, St. Germain, Clarified Lemon, and 1-1 simple syrup. The cocktail is presented with a special technique that features smoking incense and the use of dried flowers to create an atmospheric aromatic rather than one that simply comes from the cocktail or garlic.

It’s served in a bell jar that’s filled with smoke.

Pirates of the Caribbean fans will want to order the Flying Dutchman, a cocktail that serves two people.

They stir and strain stolen smoked rum, Novo Fogo cachaça, Smith & Cross, honey, clarified citrus, and Allspice, and finish the drink by infusing the ship carafe with orange wood smoke. As the drink is poured into the glass, the ghost ship arises within the foggy cocktail sea. A haunting beverage that’s perfect for a melancholic evening.

You can find these cocktails and more movie-inspired beverages inside the hidden Green Room at Castaway.

Fast Food

Chick-fil-A Officially Launches KEY LIME Frosted Drink Nationwide

Photo Courtesy of Chick-fil-A

Last October, it was discovered that Chick-fil-A restaurants were testing a Key Lime Pie-flavored drink in the Austin, TX, area. A take on the popularized Florida dessert, the beverage was met with a pretty positive reception from customers. So much so that it’s becoming official.

Chick-fil-A has just announced that the Frosted Key Lime will be making a national release beginning Monday, March 18.

A hand-spun combination of the chain’s vanilla IceDream, Lemonade, and a natural sugar-free lime flavoring, the beverage will be sold in stores across the country.

Fans of Key Lime, just be sure to savor this slowly. Brain freeze is no joke.

If you’re hoping to get your hands on this frosted beverage, make sure to hustle. The limited-time drink will be available through May 25 or while supplies last.

Drinks Packaged Food

Cult Favorite Tejava To Launch Two New Flavors

Tejava has gained a word of mouth following on the sole basis of its tea flavor alone. While known specifically for its iconic black tea, the company is releasing new teas that draw on intense aroma.

In the first of their Origins line, Tejava just announced the addition of two new flavors of unsweetened and ready-to-drink teas: Fujian Oolong Tea and Hojicha Green Tea.

Owned by parent company Crystal Geyser, the all-natural and unsweetened Tejava is brewed from hand-picked tea leaves found on the island of Java in Indonesia and are free of sweeteners, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

With, the addition of new flavors like Fujian Oolong and Hojicha Green Tea, Tejava expands itself to a wider audience helping the tea become more ubiquitous. The swanky glass bottles are also a pretty nice touch.

“Tea addicts, like me, love their black tea to the point it’s a cult following,” said Foodbeast’s resident youth Constantine Spyrou who happened to be a huge fan of the beverage. “Tejava has way more flavor than any other bottled tea you can find in stores and is at a super affordable price.”

Expect to find the two new flavors in late November at Consumers will be able to find them in retail stores sometime shorty after.


Mountain Dew Debuts First-Ever Drink Designed For Gamers

I wouldn’t call myself a gamer, but I’ve been known to crush it during a Simpsons: Hit and Run sesh on occasion. The problem is having open drink cans near a gaming console is simply asking for an accident to happen if things were to get heated, and now that an entire industry has been built from professional gaming, it makes sense that there should be more beverages not only help you focus on your objective, but also keep you from ruining your carpet.

Mountain Dew just announced the launch of their newest beverage: MTN DEW AMP Game Fuel, the first-ever drink created specifically for gamers.

It includes a combination of caffeine and theanine to improve alertness and accuracy, which are essential for gaming, as well as Vitamin A and a combination of B vitamins. The newly designed cans also feature a no-slip grip and resealable lid to ensure no accidents happen in the heat of the moment.

MTN DEW AMP Game Fuel is set to launch in 2019, with pro gamers getting a sneak peak of the beverage during the Call of Duty World League competition in Las Vegas this December.

We spoke to professional gamer and fried chicken enthusiast FaZe Cheo of the FaZe Clan to hear his thoughts on such a drink.

“The idea of Mountain Dew coming out with a gaming drink is awesome!” Cheo shares. “To have a resealable lid to keep the carbonation fresh, to have a no slip grip on the can during high pressure situations is key.”

Cheo, also the in-house chef of FaZe clan, also adds that having vitamins to boost alertness and accuracy is crucial to make sure you’re always bringing your A game.

Super Smash Bros: Ultimate does come out in a few days. This sure would come in handy once it debuts nationally. Those interested in trying Mountain Dew’s new gamer drink as soon as it launches can pre-order it through Amazon or

Alcohol Drinks

Here’s Why You Should NEVER Store Premium Vodka In The Freezer

Almost everywhere I go, outside of a bar, I’ll see someone pulling out a bottle of vodka from their freezer right before serving it. Sure, it gives the alcoholic spirit a nice chill, but does storing it in a freezer actually do anything to enhance the quality of the drink?

Francois Thibault, the creator of Grey Goose Vodka, doesn’t seem to think so.

Thibault said that throwing your bottle in the freezer actually depreciates the quality of your vodka and that we’ve all been doing it wrong.

More premium vodkas should already have a naturally mild taste, so freezing it would only hide the “sophisticated aromas and flavors” of the alcohol, he told MSN. The Grey Goose creator added that keeping it at room temperature would also be a little aggressive.

Thibault said that the best temperature to store vodka is 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit because that is the temperature of slight dilution with ice in a glass. Freezing cheaper and low-quality vodkas will hide any “aggressive burning notes,” according to Thibault.

At the end of the day, the temperature you want to enjoy your vodka revolves around your personal preferences. Just know that sticking it in the freezer will have some dulling affects on your booze — especially if you’re spending extra on the premium stuff.