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Halo Top Just Became The Best Selling Pint Of Ice Cream In The USA

Having just been founded in 2012, Halo Top may still be an extremely young company. Nonetheless, they are revolutionizing the ice cream industry one pint at a time.

The guilt-free, high-protein ice cream producers just became the top selling pint of ice cream in the entire country, based on data collected from the past month of frozen dessert sales. Halo Top has surpassed competitors like Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs thanks to their low-calorie, guilt-free brand that has people buying flavor after flavor.

Halo Top has already shown some impressive business success, having grown 2500% in terms of sales in 2016 and is on pace to continue that trend this year. It’s clear that their model of health, protein, and indulgence all in one has resonated strongly in the United States and has consumers flocking to stores. Even mega-retailers like Walmart have already picked up the brand, showing how strong Halo Top has become in just a few years time.

With 17 flavors to choose from and selling exclusively in the solo pint size, Halo Top has consumers feeling that it’s okay to splurge on a pint because of how low the calories are compared to ice cream rivals. Ice cream giant Breyers recently saw that potential and came up with a nearly identical portfolio of Breyers Delights as a counter, and other low-cal frozen dessert brands like Enlightened and Arctic Zero have started to gain traction as a result of Halo Top’s critical success.

Thanks to Halo Top, a pint of guilt-free and health-conscious ice cream has become the new trend in the frozen section of grocery store aisles. And with their claim on the title of King of the Ice Cream Pints, it’s clear that trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.