Now You Can Get Fruit Toppings On Your Cinnabon


My friend and I like to play this game, where we convince ourselves typically unhealthy food is healthy just because it’s covered with something mildly healthy. We do it with avocados on our breakfast burritos, brown rice with our Panda Express, fruit compote atop our gargantuan deep fried funnel cakes.

And now, finally, we can do it with Cinnabon.

Yep, Louis C.K.’s favorite fat guy problem is getting into the holiday spirit, by offering guests the option to top their Classic Rolls, Minibons, or pull-apart “Center of the Roll”s with a syrupy drizzle of summertime berries.

Sure, chances are the syrup and the fact that they’re been preserved and flash frozen probably eliminate all health benefits from their previous lives as fruit. But until I care, Cinnabon is a officially a health food. Whoo-hoo!

H/T Brand Eating


Jack in the Box: Pomegranate Berry Smoothie

Jack In The Box has introduced their new Pomegranate Berry Smoothie and is kicking off the year on a healthy note. The new drink is a blend of “pomegranate, blueberry, red raspberry and cranberry Minute Maid® fruit juices and purees blended with nonfat frozen yogurt.” It will join the three original fruit smoothie flavors of Mango, Orange Sunrise and Strawberry Banana. A 16 oz. Pomegranate Berry Smoothie goes for $2.99 and 24 oz. for $3.99.


Teatime At Starbucks

A new collection of Tazo Tea drinks have made teatime so much cooler at Starbucks. The coffee giant has introduced three Full-Leaf Tazo Tea Lattes and two Tazo Tea Infusions.

You can chill out and relax with the lattes that include Vanilla Roiboos, Londog Fog and Black Tazo, as well as the Infusions which are offered in Berry Chai and Apple Chai.

According to Starbucks, most of the new beverages have less that 200 calories in a tall and are also chock full of antioxidants, more than a glass of good ole orange juice in fact. Prices start at $2.85 for a tall Latte and $2.40 for a tall Infusion.