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How This Dog Accidentally Died Eating A Keto Cupcake

Xylitol is a popular sugar substitute that might be just fine for humans, but should not be consumed by pets. That became fatally evident after “Benny” the dog got into a trash can and ate a cupcake that was baked with the sweetener.

Zac Bowling of Alameda, California posted a photo of his precious Benny, with the caption reading:

“He was the best dog ever. Always had something stuck in his mustache. So happy when we came home. So unfair to lose him at 2 years old. The Alameda city government released a city wide community alert about xylitol toxicity in dogs in his honor.”


The cupcakes were prepared “Keto” style, which means they were low-carb, and apparently made with xylitol, according to KTVU. Once Benny started vomiting, he was rushed to the hospital, but sadly didn’t make it.

According to a post by the City of Alameda, Benny the dog was only 2, and they wanted to make the community aware that xylitol can be deadly for pets.

In 2016, the FDA put out an official warning, saying that xylitol can be deadly for dogs, along with a list of household items that may contain the sweetener.

You never want to see this happen to a beloved pet, so be extra careful what foods your doggies dig into.